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Hi everyone! With the new expansion, I thought of a modern deck. 
I'll be very grateful if you can help me to polish it! Here it goes!

The Sideboard isn't done, first of all wanna try to make the main the better i can.

Hope you can help me with this, i think, funny deck!

Edit: Been looking for cards and found may something that could fit much better on it, may for some burn (like Burst Lightning and Galvanic Blast?):
Pyretic Ritual
Past in Flames
Yeah E.E is definitely going to get hate from all formats and i'm pretty sure a ban as well, anywho there is a deck already listed called Epic Storm which is a solid build. I would not even run creatures since it really does not need them unless it's Simian Spirit Guide and the deck will definitely need some fetchlands so you don't get stuck drawing into lands through EE. I was also thinking Quicken might work if you use mostly instants. Also, I would add in some Remands or mana leak for early game protection.

I would run 4 ofs with manamorphose, seething song, desperate ritual, and pyretic ritual since those cards will lead you into a much larger E.E, serum visions, Past in Flames, Sleight of Hand, Grapeshot, possibly Electrolyze just for shock n draw. Maybe Urzatron would fit too in the land base but I dunno it's kinda slow anyways I'd just copy the Epic Storm deck list and make some tweaks to fit it to what you want            

I forgot completly about electrolyze. Can be a good card with E.E.
May you are right with thouse run of mana for a larger E.E., but may having thouse creature gives you a chance to block and do damage (with gelectrode most times), making 1 damage, an instant and doing again damage. Also can do a lot of damage combinated with E.E while playing all thouse cards that gives you tons of mana.

Lands, yes, I would need thouse fetch, it's a shame they're so expensive x3 but, well first i'll try it with proxies and let's see how it works!

And well, will take a look also in Epic Storm! 
The creatures kinda ruin the idea of E.E though, R&D designed that card for people who hate using creatures. I could see simian spirit guide as a quad just to get a first turn D.R or P.R off which if that happens it'll most likely be GG, I would even go as far to say guttersniper could be used but even he would be meh since you'd rather play draw or mana ramp for a 2nd E.E. But yeah think of E.E as a slightly worse and slightly better mind's desire and go with that

Don't bother looking at TES.  It's a Legacy deck, and it's completely different from Storm in Modern.

Running Spirit Guide is bad.  It might allow you to go off a turn earlier, but more often than not it's either dead or actively bad.

Cut all the creatures.  They're bad in general, and terrible with EE.

Cut all the burn, or at least most of it.  You only really want 3x Lightning Bolt to deal with problematic creatures like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and such.  I'm not sure if you want any burn in the main board, so it might just belong in the side board.

I'd also consider cutting 1-2 EEs.  You only need to find one to win.

Go up to 4x on all the rituals, Manamorphose and the cantrips.  They're how the deck works.

Add in 4x Gitaxian Probe.  It's a free cantrip, and free storm.

I'd definintely consider running 2-3 Past in Flames.  It gives you a secondary win condition and gives you a way to continue to win if you don't hit a win condition with EE.

ok, thanks!

I will try it at Virtual Playtable a deck with thouse ideas! and let's see how they work!

I'll tell you how it went ^^ 
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