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Hey there. Well, it's been a long time since I've been involved in MTG or even on the forums. I see my old email and password worked on the forums which have changed in appearance a lot. (Looks nice) I originally got into MTG back when 5th edition came out and quit to play 40k a LONG time ago. Well down where I lived in FL, some of my friends got into MTG and I kept critiqueing their decks and simply couldn't help myself and got back into the game. Well I sold all my cards on ebay since and got out and moved out of state. Recently I met a new friend that had some decks that were simply unorganized and sloppy IMO and I found myself falling into the same cycle. So as with any vice I'm back to make 1-2 decks to have some casual fun and stomp some new friends butts. (1-2 decks, yeah, that's how it always starts!)

So enough of my MTG background. Here's my first deck goal. Weenie white pro red. I caught a glimpse at one of my new friends decks and it was an attempted burn deck. (they reprinted ball lightnings, and lightning bolts, wtf?!) So I figure this is a good place to start. However, I don't want this deck to solely be geared towards burn and want it to be able to hold it's own against other decks too. Figured weenie white w/ a splash of life gain and pro red is a perfect place to start. There are oodles of cards out since my last MTG experience and honestly I don't remember a whole heck of a lot from my days anyhow. So from a rough internet search on cards here's what I've compiled and maybe someone can recommend some cards I should be looking into and some advice on deck direction.

18x Plains (Should be enough right?)

4x Burrenton Force-Tender
4x Wall Of Hope
4x Silver Knight
4x Mistmeadow Skulk
4x Paladin en-Vec

4x Armored Ascension
4x Oblivion Ring (Not sure how nessecary these may or may not be?)

So thoughts... I think I need more lifegain but don't know where to start since my card knowledge is pretty limited getting back into the game. Any good search forum I could put in card specs like "pro red" or w/e and put a white filter on it to see all creatures? That would be helpful... I know running some Sword To Plowshare would be a good idea but I forgot to mention I'm trying to do this under budget. Budget to me is maybe under 30$. Once I start putting serious decks together and spending money it gets a bit nuts. (I racked up a pretty ridiculous history w/ mtgfanatic my last stint in MTG) Not sure how helpful the Mistmeadow Skulk Will be. Would having the pro converted 3 and up prevent me from even casting my Armored Ascension on him?

So my thoughts are pretty much a weenie deck that can't have direct damage removing creatures. While also having life gain to fall back on (however i realize I'm lacking life gain here since I'm not sure where to go w/ that card wise). Maybe some pump for the white creatures, besides relying on the Armored Ascension.

Any advice is appreciated. 

Personally I find it a little silly to just shove a bunch of prored in a deck. If you're going to put a bunch of prored stuff in a deck you should be building around it, you should make your deck and run crap like Earthquake. Also if you're looking for a search engine there's which is what I use, it's clean and has lots of options. Then there's Wizard's

I'd build something like this:

Some good strong :rwm: cards you could add are Ajani Vengeant, Glory of Warfare, and Brion Stoutarm. There are also some good lands that I would play if you acquired any, Rugged Prairie, Clifftop Retreat, Sacred Foundry, Arid Mesa, and Plateau. These are all better, but they are a little pricey. Some other options for red Wrath effects are Rolling Temblor, Starstorm, Chain Lightning, Slagstorm, and Sulfurous Blast. I wouldn't take out Earthquake, but those would make good substitutes for Pyroclam. Pyroclasm is nice and cheap, but its faults are that it can't hit players and it is fixed at a low number. I included Pyroclasm because it is cheap to cast and only has one symbol in the cost. If you want some ways to prevent damage to yourself there is Harm's Way and Divine Deflection.

Thanks for the response.

Interesting. I definitely see the synergy in your list. However I was trying to stay away from two tone to keep the deck low in cost. Also, do you think something like this wouldn't just be out sped by a simply burn deck? That's the goal here. Competitive casual deck that can handle burn, while being effective against non burn decks as well. Maybe my color seleciont is entirely off. Would blue be a better option?... Didn't want to just run a straight counter deck, but on the other hand counter/control isn't just effective against burn... Seems like it would be a bit pricey to run something counter/control though. I remember most counterspells being typically 2$ a pop less things have changed.

I think you can get a playset of Counterspell for $2 these days. You can get a playset of Spellstutter Sprite which is also pretty effective against burn for $1.

Miscalculation, Mana Leak, and Rune Snag are all cheap soft counters.

Forbid and Dismiss are cheap too.

Hydroblast and Blue Elemental Blast are really cheap if you play with sideboards. If not you could always maindeck Dispel, Spell Pierce, or Negate.

The best counters like Force of Will, Daze, Cryptic Command, Mana Drain and Flusterstorm are pretty costly, but you don't really need those kinds of things in a casual deck.

As for the white weenie build. Kor Firewalker does a lot of work against burn. It turns anything like a Lightning Bolt into a Shock. It gains you life off your own red spells. I'd be surprised if a burn deck was able to win with it out. Lightning Helix completely negates a burn spell itself. If you think you need even more lifegain you could play Auriok Champion as well. If you want more immediate life gain try Aven Riftwatcher or Lone Missionary, or you can try the Harm's Way I suggested earlier. Nearheath Pilgrim can gain you like four life a turn, and if your opponent wastes a burn spell on it that's one less burn spell that hits you.

Also two colors shouldn't cost more money than one color, unless you have an expensive mana base. A set of Boros Garrison should be less than a dollar. Battlefield Forge is probably a dollar each, but you could replace them with worse lands like more Evolving Wild // Terramorphic Expanse or Scabland, which should all be very cheap. And you can take Slayers' Stronghold out, it will probably inprove the mana anyawy.

Alright. Let's rewind and rethink. You opened my eyes to the pointlessness of just pro red creature/soldier/lifegain and it not really having any synergy or direction. I get that. From your advice I'm thinking a better avenue for what I'm looking to do might be mono U control. That way I should be able to handle burn decks, while still being able to take care of the majority of other decks.

So let's forget the mono W/lifegain/pro red stuff I was previously thinking.

I'm going to try and work the budget mono U control deck for my first deck. Boy how things have changed... Counterspell is definitely a lot cheaper. Also annoyingly hard to find on ebay w/o putting in a set like revised, ice age, etc.

I started to post deck here but since this thread was looking for white weenie pro red help it's sorta misleading. So I'm going to go ahead and end this thread and I'll start a new thread to get help w/ my Mono U Control. Thanks for your advice and hopefully you'll come over to the mono U control thread and throw some more advice at me before I finalize this deck and purchase it.

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