three player game with all tiles connecting

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thew heroes are on the left, goblins in the middle and drow on the right
....after a few minutes of figuring out how to eliminate that wall in the center of the example three player game i came up with this and the rules are followed i.e all factions have two open spaces for connecting tiles    
Drow and Goblins are really close together, giving Cormyr a long time alone to bulid forces while the Drow and Goblins either fight it out or team up agains Cormyr.

 I'm more interested to see if someone can come up with a five player set up that would work within the rules.

5 player can be done within the set-up rules - I'll try to attach a photo once I've found my camera.

Start with 4 small tiles back to back in the middle. Only 1 of these should be  a start area.

Build the large tiles away from them with the joining ends facing out along the short edges.

from there it sould be pretty obvious there are a few ways of finishing it off legally.

One of which is a rectangle 3 high by 5 wide.

As long as you space the start areas evenly its also pretty balanced (apart from burrow and hounds, of course).

If anyone works out a legal 6 let me know.

Did one, but fudged it a bit by swapping two small tiles for two big ones so it all joined.
 Okay, it's been two weeks. Any chance you could post a picture of a 5 man set up? ;)
 I introduced my group to the game this weekend and they're all coming over to try a match with the full group. It's either put toegher a 5 man table or play two games as 1v1 and a 3 for all.  
Unfortunately I can only afford one of each set at the moment so I can't make a five-person board, but if you are playing a friendly feel free to have open edges and just treat the open sides as walls. Just like the rules for two players with one set on page 5 of the rulebook. Of course it's no good for tournament play as the rules state there must be no open edges, but friendlies are basically free-for-all when it comes to the rules.
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