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I use a blue illusion deck. I have a basic one with 4 Lord of the Unreals and 4 Adaptive Automatons. Most of my illusion cards say "When X becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrfice it." which is fairly straight forward.

My question is if I use [C]Adaptive Automaton[/C] and choose the creature type Illusion would that count as an ability and cause me to sacrafice the card? and if I use Hexproof on [C]Lord of the Unreal[/C] will I be able to use spells and ability on it without having to sacrafice it?

Thank you.
1. Adaptive Automaton has an ability, but the static ability to that gives +1/+1 does not target.

2. No, giving your illusions hexproof does not save them from their own "sacrafice me" trigger, it doesn't target.
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most Illusions don't have that sacrifice ability, it just happened that all from M12 had that
creature types don't have any rules baggage (anymore), so being an Illusion doesn't grant any abilities

Hexproof will prevent your opponent from targetting your Illusions, but if you target them yourself, they will trigger, Hexproof does not stop that

also, if you aren't running it already, Phantasmal Image copying Lord of the Unreal is fun ;)
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