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Am I the only person who doesn't see a "Reward" section at the end of Session 8? It would be pretty harsh to end the final encounter with nothing to show for it — no XP, no gold, no magic items, nada.
That's two seasons in a row that they've forgotten to put the reward information in for the final encounter.

In one sense I suppose it doesn't really matter, as every season the players start over with new characters at level 1. So why would the players even care? If you are planning to continue running a campaign in this setting (Menzoberranzan) with these characters (which is the theory behind, if not the reality of, the Encounters program) you could come up with your own XP and treasure rewards. I would suggest somewhere around 450 XP per character, and a couple of magic items in addition to level appropriate gold (favorite line from a game session I played in at Strategicon -- "I'll do anything for level appropriate gold.") 
- Rico
The Encounters PCs are supposed to graduate to playing LFR and so should have level appropriate rewards for the final session of Encounters.
Actually, that was true of one session of Encoutners. There hasn't been a direct tie in with LFR since the first season of encounters. Since then we have had 3 other seasons that have played in the Forgotten Realms (Lost Crown of Neverwinter, Elder Elemental Eye, and Web of the Spider Queen). Neither of which had an official tie in with LFR to continue playing those characters.

Season 1: Forgotten Realms (Waterdeep) in Undermountain - Tie in with LFR
Season 2: Dark Sun
Season 3: Core 4e world (Nentir Vale) in the Choas Scar
Season 4: Core 4e world (Nentir Vale) set near Hammerfast
Season 5: Core 4e world (south of Nentir Vale) closer to the Trollhaunt Warrens
Season 6: Forgotten Realms (Neverwinter)
Season 7: Feywild (classic mod homage, no specific setting)
Season 8: Forgotten Realms (Near Elterguard and Dragon Coast)
Season 9: Forgotten Realms (Shadow Dale & Underdark)
Season 10: Forgotten Reams (Menzoberranzan) - Evil PCs cannot be played in LFR anyway.

Since LFR spun out to a privately run campaign that is not directly produced and run by WotC there has been little or no tie ins. Now if the LFR campaign has published a conversion guide for taking DDE characters into LFR, that is a different kettle of fish.

One of the difficulties of DDE is the lack of a clear direction for players that grow bored with the levels 1-3 and done format of our program.

My two coppers,

Bryan Blumklotz
     Sit down at any LFR table of the proper level and nobody objects to any Encounters PC you might want to play [except Dark Sun of course].  There may not be an official ruling on the point, but in practice, the PC graduates to LFR routinely [if you can find the LFR games].  [Now the evil drow will have to change alignment, but that is not a serious matter.]
Actually, from the 2.5 version of the LFR Campaign Guide:

Appendix 3: D&D Encounters

Characters that were created as part of any past season of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Encounters (DDE) program can be converted into LFR characters to continue their adventures. DDE characters may not be converted to LFR characters until after the end of the entire DDE season in which the character played. DDE adventures can never be played for LFR credit (even under the My Realms program). 

Amusingly enough, this immediately caused problems with my PC for Crystal Cave, as the reward he got from the finale was beyond the scope of the LFR campaign (a level 9 alternate reward), but yeah.  Any past season.  Including Dark Sun (there are some caveats about things you have to change, of course, such as deities and the like).

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