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Hello all, I am looking for a Skill Challenge I can use in my home campaign for a trial. In the home campaign, several of the party are drow and upon their arrival to the Underdark city of Forgehome (a dwarven mining town), the party is arrested as subversives.

I saw a great skill challenge for the Scales of War adventure path, but have not seen a generic Trial Skill Challenge and wondered if anyone would be so good as to point me in the direction of a resource.

(I would create one, but frankly Skill Challenges are a weak point for me... Frown ) 
Sicne you're a D&D insider, you can start with this excellent series by Mike Mearls on Ruling Skill Challenges.  Plenty of examples within.
I've found that sometimes you can just run a basic skill challenge on the fly. The main thing is determining the complexity and the consequences for success or failure. Now if you want to go with some of the variants out there, like branching challenges, having partial successes or partial failures, chase challenges, etc., that can be trickier.

However, for a basic challenge just set the framework, and from then on let the players roleplay, and as they perform actions, call for the appropriate skill check, and decide if it would be a success or a bonus to aid someone else's check.

Really, the skill challenge framework is just a guide to help you determine a stopping point to some of the more open-ended challenges a party might undertake, but at its core you are just calling for skill checks during a RP session.
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