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This is my new version of a goblin deck, what do you think?

I'm debating if I can run it on 18 lands and adding 4 Shrine of Burning Rage.

Guttersnipe and Reforge the Soul belong in a completely different deck than those other cards. Your deck needs a sac outlet, it especially makes Mogg War Marshal better. Try a playset of Skirk Prospector or Goblin Sledder // Mogg Raider. Signal Pest and Goblin Wardriver look really strong in this deck.
Guttersnipe may Be better in a dedicated deck, but they work fine in here. He has 20 spells(half the deck) to trigger off, and he's not the main focus(more for solving multi-player problems). Reforge gives this pretty good draw as my hand is usually empty when I get them and its not TOO high to hardcast. This isn't really a sac deck as the tokens are to reinforce my army, however if I was to add a sac outlet I'd pick Goblin Lookout.
The pest and driver I might add to my straight attack goblin deck (it uses 30+ goblins, no tokens, grenades & Arms Dealer for removal, and Quest for the Goblin Lord for more damage, and nothing over 3cmc).
panic spellbomb works very well in these types of decks.  I'd trade the reforge the souls for them.  I agree that guttersnipe is for a different deck.  Goblin Wardriver is nice, but I'm not sure what i'd drop for it.  Having played against it, Krenko can be back breaking for an opponent but your gambling on getting 4 lands with him.

Also, I'd go down to no more than 20 lands:
4x teetering peaks
4x smoldering spires
12x mountain
Skirk Prospector for one is always a welcome addition to a goblin deck, Dragon Fodder could be swapped out for lacky, Goblin Matron is a must for getting things like Krenko into your hand and I would take Pyrokinesis over Goblin Grenade any time of the week. (Tho that new flavor is cool) 

I tho really do not see the point of Dragon Fodder. If it was an interupt then I would say go for it but as sorcery speed I do not see why you don't just have two other goblins in its place.

The problem with Reforge the Soul is that it costs way to much in your hand. It costs five mana, which is terrible odds with only 22 land. To be exact, 37% chance of being able to play it turn five on the play, and still only 65% by turn eight. Even Krenko is pretty demanding, in your deck you only have a 54% chance of being able to play him turn four on the play, those are not good odds.

That is actually one reason I recommended Skirk Prospector, he helps you ramp out Krenko. He also makes your Mogg War Marshal only cost and not leave you with a summoning sick token, and if you need it to be it can turn it into a Memnite or a Simian Spirit Guide.

If you feel like you aren't going to ever actively use sacrifice like that though the Goblin Sledder is still good. It makes it so that your opponent has to use removal on their turn if they don't want to get hit for more, and it makes it so that you can sacrifice a blocked Goblin token to still make it deal damage that turn. If you're in a situation where your opponent has three blockers and four life and you have four Goblins, one of them being Sledder allows you to attack into your opponent and kill them.

The reason I recommend taking out Guttersnipe is that you don't want to spend a whole turn just to play a 2/2. Goblin Chieftain comparitively is a much stronger play since it buffs your large quantity of tokens and has haste.

If it was an interupt then I would say go for it

It's instant ya old fogey.
I only learnt 3 days ago Mana burn is dead. Much of this is new to me.
Voracious Dragon and a couple of Torchrunners and you should be set