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I am attempting to build a Angel/Human deck for casual play only. So far I have started with mono white with some life gain but I would like some red to include some of the more powerful angels. I have been looking at non-basic lands for red/black generation like Ancient Ziggurat and Shimmering Grotto. The cards that I have aren't the best but some of them I intend to use in final product. 

Angelic Overseer x2
Firemane Angel x1
Razia, Boros Archangel x1
Goldnight Redeemer X2
Voice Of The Provinces X2
Sera Angel x2
Cathedral Sanctifier X4
White Knight x2
Devout Chaplain x4
Order of the White Shield x1

Angel's Tomb x2

Vigilante Justice x2
Commander's Authority x2
Ajani's Mantra x2
Armored Ascension x2
Arrest x4
Cathars' Crusade x2
Spirit Loop x1

Defy Death x4
Revoke Existence x2

Cursebreak x2
Leave No Trace x2
Patrician's Scorn x1

Seraph Sanctuary x4
Shimmering Grotto x1
Ancient Ziggurat x1
Plains x19

Keep in mind this is only a place to start. I would like to make improvements where needed to get to my end goal. 
I would also like to have Kaalia Of The Vast and Basandra Battle Seraph in there too. It just seems I'm missing some humans for my human deck. if there are any good humans out there that can affect other humans or angels that would be awesome. Thank you for any help you can provide. 
angel of glory's rise would do good
and any human that dies to give you a flying spirt works good and most are cheap to come by
doomed traveler
and if you want to play test you can use the mtg bilder @ MTG Deck Builder.Net
oh one nasty combo is to play three fiend hunter each exiling another fined hunter with Vigilante Justice on the field you cause an infenit loop and can kill your opponet
Well since I have made physical test runs against actual people (I just don't think that MTG Builder can appropriately simulate probability) I have found that I am not getting the same amount of mana generation I would like for Red and Black. I don't want to add mountains or swamps because I don't have enough spells to justify. It also just isn't as fast as I would like so I was looking for some advice specifically for cheaper creatures that would work well with this deck. I would also like more "Destroy/Exile target Artifact or Enchantment". Most of the stuff in there right now only targets enchantments. 
and ???  O-ring your own creature. then Worldfire. your left with a creature, and everyones life total at 1. Congradulations on your victory my friend
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