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First time posting here!  Still figuring out how to post decklist with autocard... sorry.

Basically, I'm trying to abuse Goblin Electromancer in the Pauper format (only commons allowed, Cranial Plating and Frantic Search banned). 

One's first instinct is to add it to storm decks.  That obviously won't work.  Storm decks don't have creatures so they blank removal.  They are also inconsistent enough for needing the right ratio of lands, rituals and draw spells.  Adding more "particular card" requirements is horrible.

So I've come up with this idea instead:

U Reef Shaman x4
1U Cloud of Faeries x3
1B Nightscape Familiar x4
1W Sunscape Familiar x4
UR Goblin Electromancer x4

1 Springleaf Drum x4
1UU Capsize x4
{P/U} Gitaxian Probe x4
XU Repeal x4

Shimmering Grotto x4
Island x21

The goal of the deck is to capsize 2 lands a turn.  With my trusty spreadsheet, my "fundamental turn" is 6:

TurnDrawCards from DrawcantripsTotal cardsLands in playMana Artimana reductionLands to bounce

In other words, it's horrible.  Nobody wants to play a deck that takes control of the game at turn 6.

Would anyone please kindly provide some suggestions?  There are two mechanics I did not exploit: Scry, and card drawing (not the cantrip type).  I am not sure how to handle the mathematics of those mechanics.  I'm also having trouble with the manabase.

The main problem with Electromancer is that Frantic Search is banned. Familiars are probably going to be better in a lot of cases since they work on Cloud and Mulldrifter, as well as every blue instant and sorcery. So I don't think Electromancer is really worth putting into a deck like Temporal Storm. They might be solid in a deck like Post though, which is already generally :urm: and plays almost exclusively instants and sorceries anyway.

Remember that the mana options in Pauper are terrible. So I'd try to stick to two or three colors at most. I wouldn't play Electromancers and both of the Familiars.

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