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I was in the middle of a mirage draft and the server went down for maintenance Frown

Somebody experienced the same problem?

Yep, same here... according to teh schedule, I believe it wasn't due to go into No Pay for another hour or two.

I presume we'll be compensated though, so wouldn't worry about it too much. 
same here..was in two drafts and the thing just closed out of no where..what is going on
Yeah, I presume the same, but it isn't fun...
ugh, not cool man. not cool at all
Just drafted the best deck of my life in a 8-4. Will a moderator post something on here soon telling us whats going on?
yep same here, had a sick rock deck in cube. i hope i get my 8 tickets back. 
I was in two drafts, but how will they know that I wasn't in 5 like I'm going to say I was? Just curious for arguments sake, lol.
I was also in a Mirage block draft when the server kicked me off
Will we be refunded Mirage block boosters though? because if so, I will be very unhappy. Mirage block draft is probably not returning for ages, and this was the last chance I had to get some value out of those boosters. I even paid way too much to get a Mirage booster in time to join the queue before downtime.
I was in the middle of a Trade and accepted it when it went offline. I hope I got my cards from the Trade
Same one of the best gr deck i have ever drafted. i had roaring primadox with acidic slime and 3 rancor. Not a happy boy didnt get to deck building stage so cant even find the event i was in so i can ask for reimbusement. Not a happy bunny.
It says its closed for maintenance. What time were they supposed to go down
First time this happened to me as I'm new, what is the compensation policy please? I was in the second round of a draft and a game up, if you just get your original product returned thats not great, we will still have the cards we drafted? 
It says its closed for maintenance. What time were they supposed to go down

Not for 2 hours
So frustrating. I opened bonfire. 
Will the moderators post on this page anytime soon? To tell us what to do?
Same happened to me, I finished 1 game of match 1. Had a great deck. What is the reimbursement policy? Do I get my boosters back?
Looks like a crash

Refunds :

"When the reimbursement is digital objects, the reimbursement will match the event entry option less any prizes won in the event."

I think "prizes" includes any product you opened too.

I want the boosters and the packs i should have got for winning the event. My deck was to good to lose
Will the moderators post on this page anytime soon? To tell us what to do?

You can only hope dude. also i was wrong maintenance wasnt due for 5 and a half hours or so.
File a reimbursement request and you'll probably get your boosters back. You might even get to keep the cards you opened, but I guess that's depending on the reason for the unplanned server maintenance.
ty lawnmower. Not especially happy with that as I'd likely have won more than my reimbursement and I'd expect those people in the finals of an 8-4 to be especially unhappy. But at least we get our entry fee back.
Anybody know how to find out your event id? I still had several picks so i dont have a saved deck (which is where i have got it from before).
If it was server crash you will get the entry fees back automaticaly If you were past the deckbuilding phase (or maybe the draft phase not sure about that) you get to keep the cards you opened. Any additional prizes you were "garantied to get" you lose.
So I will get my boosters back at the end of the day? I dont have to file any reports or requests? I was past deck building.
server is back up, I've not automatically received my boosters back but I think the cards I drafted are there.
ah a message just came up saying we will get reimbursed by the end of the day.
I think "prizes" includes any product you opened too.

I've never known of a case where you didn't get to keep the product opened, but it does NOT count as "prizes". You usually get a full refund PLUS keep whatever you opened.

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I was at the end of deckbuilding in a Miragedraft, and if i only get mirageblockpacks back im going to be sad, since they arent worth anything to me since im not gonna be able to draft mirage for a looong time, if the pattern that has been developed for OOPdrafts continue. So ive got some possible solutions to this, if any employee reads this:

1) Give the option to a player to get the refund in tix. If a queue allows 2 choices to enter the evnt, they should be considered worth equally much, and therefore both be available as currency in the refund.

2) Put MVW up for another week. This has many things going for it:

i) people who were in the middle of the mvwdrafts during the crash are going to be happy and not sad.

ii) you will get 2 tix from, every draft firing and so you will earn more money.

iii) people who has cubed a lot of single elim events has got a lot of mvw packs. Some number of these people might have been unavare that tse will replace mvw. These people will now be happy, not sad.

3) At the very least, put mvw back up in a month or 2. i really dont want to rip my packs, but thats what ill have to do if i have to wait a year or more fpor the next mvw draft.

Of course they just reimbursed the Mirage Draft Set...

And when I complained to CS they just brushed it off as "policy".

TY, now I feel cheated.

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