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I try to find an answer to this all day.

If a creture like "Lord of Extinction" or "Soulless One" is exiled using "Oblivion Ring" or "Detention Sphere"

does his power and toughness stay the same while exiled, does it die?, or it's like it's in your hand and gets the power/toughness back 

when oblivion ring is destroyed?

Also is there a difference of */* p/t cretures with 0/0 p/t creatures?

Sorry I don't remember how to link cards in here:/

Linking cards is like this: [*c]Oblivion Ring[*/c], without the *'s, gives you Oblivion Ring

Anyway, Lord of Extinction and Soulless One have "characteristic-defining abilities," which function everywhere, even outside the game:

207.2a The card may have a characteristic-defining ability that sets its power and/or toughness
according to some stated condition. (See rule 604.3.) Such an ability is worded “[This
creature’s] [power or toughness] is equal to . . .” or “[This creature’s] power and toughness are
each equal to . . .” This ability functions everywhere, even outside the game. If the ability needs
to use a number that can’t be determined, including inside a calculation, use 0 instead of that

 Being exiled does nothing to change the P/T of creatures like this, as their characteristic-defining abilities are applied at all times.

0/0 creatures are generally different, because they tend to have abilities that cause them to enter the battlefield as something else (Clone, Phyrexian Metamorph), or to enter with some number of +1/+1 counters (Primordial Hydra, Ulasht, the Hate Seed).  Usually, these creatures will count as 0/0 when they're in any zone other than the battlefield. 

Thank you for a complete answer

Now I know I can dominate with Lord of Extinction

note: Lord of Extinction will still have his P/T in exle (which could matter if say I exiled him to Phyrexian Ingester)

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