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I am supposing that the rulings on Mana Web are stack based?  The Web says no mana but the owner taps for mana before the Web resolves. Is that correct and if so then the Web prevents the mana tap if it is played in response to the tap?

I'm guessing that last is incorrect so I reckon the Web's main function is played on opp's turn to prevent counter spells on your turn?



The Web has a normal triggered ability. It uses the stack and can be responded to. If I have five mountains on the battlefield, I'll be able to tap all five of them for mana before any of them become tapped due to the Web's ability.

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Questions don't have to make sense, but answers do.

Mana abilities don't use the stack. So while your Mana Web will trigger when a permanant becomes tapped for mana, that mana is already in the player's mana pool by the time that trigger is even put on the stack. Furthermore, the trigger can be reponded to (it does use the stack), so the player can just produce more mana in response (triggering Mana Web again).

Also, mana abilities can be activated while casting a spell or activating an ability and when an effect asks for a mana payment. In these cases, the triggers from Mana Web are put on the stack after the spell is cast, the ability got activated or the effect has fully resolved.

In essence, the Web can force an opponent to tap his permanents for mana all at once, creating more mana than needed for whatever he's doing, or lose the ability to produce mana with them this turn. So he has to do all the other things he wants to do, that require mana, during the same step/phase. Counterspells are still possible, but likely only one each turn. He can produce more mana for another counterspell, but you can just wait for another step/phase to cast your next spell, when his mana has vanished from his pool.
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