Does it look like Control stands a chance this season?

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Strongly thinking about jumping back into Standard with this rotation. My previous deck was MBI so there's literally no way it could be adapted to the change. However I really liked UB Control but I playtested it when Haunted Humans was the big thing and Geist of St Traft just laughed in my face. Though most decks are mainly ideas right now with pre-meta play testing here and there, does it look like Control might have a chance? With Cavern of Souls being in and Mana Leak being out, I'm a little hesitant. I've also heard whispers of 4 color control and possibly Esper. But I've been gone awhile so some input would be much appriciated.
Thanks :D 
UB is definitely not viable until Gatecrash, for mana reasons.

Control might be, but it won't likely be in a traditional form of grinding attrition and counterspells. More likely it will be more tap out, stalling with removal for the first handful of turns while building mana, then just slamming haymaker after haymaker, be they Angel, demon, Wurm, or Dragon or spell.

If you were in MBI, you might be able to do a B/x Control if you can find a playset of Dark Realms Liliana and build from there.
I'm okay starting essentially from scratch. What are these more tap-out (I assume white oriented) control decks looking like?
No counterspells, just removal, mana stones, and big spell/bombs.
Control is very much viable. It's most likely UWg, as Thragtusk does wonders for the deck, as does Armada Wurm. People are also writing off counterspells because of caverns, but AFAICT, most lists won't be running more than 1-2 caverns to allow them to cast a larger variety of spells.

Here's a rough list:

Creatures (9)
    2 Snapcaster Mage
    1 Sigarda, Host of Herons
    3 Armada Wurm
    3 Thragtusk

Planeswalkers (6)

    4 Jace, Architect of Thought
    2 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

Spells (20)

    3 Selesnya Keyrune
    2 Syncopate
    4 Think Twice
    4 Azorius Charm
    1 Sphinx’s Revelation
    4 Supreme Verdict
    2 Terminus

Land (25)

    4 Glacial Fortress
    4 Hallowed Fountain
    4 Hinterland Harbor
    6 Island
    2 Plains
    1 Sunpetal Grove
    4 Temple Garden
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Caverns shouldn't be the problem, since it can only be played efficiently in tribal decks, and I wouldn't play full four even in  them. Thats like.. zombies and maybe some kind of human deck.

It has too big a chance to screw the colors of non-creature, non-tribal spells. Imagine playing 4 of lands that produce colorless mana in this  era of multicolor decks.. I've tried using it pre-rotation and decided to cut them down to 2. I consider caverns to be the most overhyped card lately. 

The bigger problem for control decks is the lack of good counterspells now that mana leak is gone.  Because of this reason, control decks are more of the tap-out variety. I would run a couple negates myself, but I'm not  a control player. Syncopate is propably ok, but much worse in the late game. But it does exile. 

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I think actually if you're running counters at all, it's a set of Dissipates and maybe Izzet Charms if you're in red, and possibly a Rewind or two. Syncopate is so ludicrously bad, and given that the decks that actually cast things on Turn 2 on the draw that you want to counter are those running 4 Caverns, I think you're actually better off skipping Syncopate entirely.
I think a maindeck Dissipate will be pretty solid in the format, even with the presence of Caverns, though it somewhat depends on exactly which Standard you are playing. At a FNM at my local gamestore, I bet there's only a small number of players that even have enough Caverns to be scared of. If you're talking Pro Tour or something like that, Cavern of Souls deserves more respect.

I could also see situations where Dispel might come in very handy to protect against combat tricks and the like.

White cards like Fiend Hunter, Arrest, Pacifism and of course Oblivion Ring will probably play a role as well. Three mana control is a little slow, however. You're going to have to have something to stop turn 1-2 bears: your three mana spells will have to target bigger threats like Hellhole Flailer.
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