[CRL] Ravenloft Painting (and 3D Paper props) for lazy people

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My group wanted to have a figure painting session between adventures. I order to not embarrass myself, I started painting a week before our get-together - but it had been 15 years since last time....

I decided that I'd paint the figures in my Castle Ravenloft game. Lots of folks had done it, so there were great examples and guides, such as: blog.gamesparadise.com.au/ravenloft-pain... (which I used heavily, especially for the burning skeletons and zombie dragon.)

My problem is, I'm LAZY - and good paint jobs take hours each. Multiple colors, washes, highligting, etc. But I'd read about Dipping - quick paint followed by dark furniture varnish. I must say, this was AWESOME for me. Several of the figures in the set would have some quick detail added (such as the skeleton's shields and swords) and then be simply varnished. The Dracolich - quite intimidating - simply got dipped and I used "mud" to cover the mess on the base. 

To show off my work, I decided to shoot them in situ on the Ravenloft board, but adding 3D paper terrain with 3D paper props (again, lazy.)


Very nicely done . Me jealouse
I dont have the patience for it. I would actually pay extra to have it painted

Well done!
Very cool! I'm still in the process of painting my figures, but I may have to steal a couple of your ideas. Again, very nice.
Nice minis. Question: How do you store them to keep the finishes from rubbing off?
@Wizzywiz Thanks! It goes pretty fast using the Dip method. The spiders were prime (desert brown), dab with white on the tips of the legs, dip, dry, mud the base, and then spray with matte finish spray. Total time each about 5 minutes.

@merb101 Steal away - since I stole from others first! :-)

@Bathead  I just dump them back in the box tray. The dip finish is furnture sealer, totally scuffproof and strengthens the figure. Then on top of that I use Matt spray. Ain't no paint comin' off those figures, no how!
Just curious.  What do you mean by "mud"?  Are you using drywall mud?  Or is there some special modeling material that is called mud that I don't know about?  Also, what brand and type of varnish do you use?  I'd been wanting to try the dip method, but the actual dips they sell are really expensive.

Overall, they look great.  Nice work.
I put mud on the bases because of a side-effect of the dip technique - the varnish runs down onto the base, "spoiling" it.

This is what it looks like in the pot

The reason I call it mud is because of the name on the pot "Stirland Mud" - one of the three Citatdel Textures I happen to own...

Here's the varnish I use - 
If only I had the patience and fine motor skills necessary to paint... I'll be honest that even the "it only takes 5 minutes" seems like too long. I'm thinking that I should let my girlfriend know about this though because she's quite the crafty person and if she could do this for the minis it would make our gaming experience really awesome!
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