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This is just an idea for an izzet deck I had. I have all of these cards (except for guttersnipe, obviously) so its a freebie sorta thing.

Cinder pyromancer x4
Gelectrode x4
Guttersnipe x4

Lightning bolt x4
Shock x4
Reverberate x2
Faithless looting x4
Thunderous wrath x4
Brainstorm x4
Cackling counterpart x4

Dual casting x2 (I want 4)
Pyrohemia x2 (until I get the other 2 dual casting)

Isochron scepter x1
Elixir of immortality x1

Izzet boilerworks x4
Islands x6
Mountains x10

Let me know what you think. I have 4 gutshots that I want in. I may take out two faithless lootings and two thunderous wraths. But, just a casual deck.

I'd axe Shock, Reverberate, Pyrohemia, Isochron Scepter, Elixir of Immortality, and Cinder Pyromancer.

With the four Dual Casting you'll probably want Blistercoil Weird. You're also probably going to want to trade Faithless Looting for Frantic Search, since Search can make you mana off of Izzet Boilerworks and lots of mana off of Dual Casting. Also if you don't have those cards it is still free to cast.

I'd probably then remove Cackling Counterpart for another cheap spell. Probably something to deal with annoying perminants, like Into the Roil. You don't want to lose to something like Leyline of Sanctity after all.

Then I'd stick in a spell to filter through your deck fast, fuel Dual Casting. and help your mana. Manamorphose does a good job at this.

This puts you at something like:

Also you could take out Thunderous Wrath and Brainstorm for Preordain and another spell. I think it would make the deck less clunky overall.
Also you could take out Thunderous Wrath and Brainstorm for Preordain and another spell. I think it would make the deck less clunky overall.

Sorry for not auto-carding. I'm on my iPhone and having just moved into a new apt, don't have the nets there. So, first off, thanks for your input. You've made me realize that the cards "rewind" and "frantic search" can be paid with two izzet b-works and then untap 3 and 4 of them, respectively. Second, how would this work (and would it be viable) to have "dual casting" and "freed from the real" on the guttersnipe. In my head it works like this: pay 1 red and tap guttersnipe to copy, say, lightning bolt. Then tap an izzet boilerworks copy get a red and a blue to untap guttersnipe and immediately tap him again to make a second copy. Is this how it would work? So with 2 mountains I could cast lightning bolt and copy it, then say two b-works to untap and copy two more times, turning a 3 damage bolt into a 12 damage mess? That's my quandary right now, sorry for being a noob!
Yeah, you can do that with Freed. However I think you'd rather put your Dual Casting on something like  Gelectrode or Blistercoil Weird, since those untap a bunch naturally.
boilerworks is a terrible mana fixer don't ever use it over something like shivan reef. you don't want anything thats going to make you discard cards either because each spell is precious you want solid hard draw spells. why you don't have isochron scepter there ill never know it can cache any spell to trigger those cast triggers over and over and something like card draw or burn to get those cards moving.

The Karoos provide you with extra cards and extra mana, both things you want in a combo deck. Isochron Scepter is unnecessary and just makes your deck more fragile.
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