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Wandering Monsters 
What Do You Think?
By James Wyatt

Well, if you’ve been with us for the last couple of months, you know that I end every column with one or more polls to get your feedback about how closely the monsters I’ve described match your impressions of the monsters in D&D lore. This week, instead of moving on to a new batch of monsters, we’ll take a look over the first few columns and the feedback you gave us. I’ll also be making reference to the bestiary included in the August playtest packet, so you can see how the story descriptions and the game mechanics align.

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What Do You Think?
Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms 
Excerpts: Money Matters

By D&D Team

In today's look inside Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster's Forgotten Realms, we continue with Chapter 4: Money Matters. In the words of the sage Calathra 'Lady Coinmaster' Mralahard of Athkatla, "Flows of coins are like the pumping blood of dragons -- where they are hot and thick, life is vigorous, but where they are cold and few, life is feeble."

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