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Question on Avenging Spirit Feat.  This feat allows you to gain an action point that must be used before the end of your next turn or it is lost when an ally that you can see or hear drops below 0 hit points. 

Now does that mean if you use this action point in a combat, that you can no longer spend one of your normal action points?

If you have already spent an action point and this happens, can you still gain and use one?  And if so, if another ally were to drop below 0, would you then get another one in the same way and be able to use it?
Doesn't override the general rule, general rule applies. You can still only spend one AP/encounter.

You can keep gaining them, sure.

Worth noting there are PPs, themes, EDs, items, and etc., that interact with action points. Either allowing you spend more than one per encounter, allow you to shift them onto allies (or vice versa), allow you to use the AP for something else instead of spending it. So there is still some optimization space for a party where you regularly expect to trigger the feat.
If a game element grant you an action point, you still can't spend more than one per encounter unless noted otherwise.

From the Player's Handbook FAQ, if desired:

If I use a power that gives me an action point that has to be used on my next turn, does this allow me to get around the normal action point restriction of once per encounter?
It does not circumvent the rule unless the power specifically says it does. 

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