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I got sick of not being able to find any pictures of Tithian that were not that super-villainous-looking picture snipped from the far background of the Obsidian Oracle cover pic (or the even eviller one from 4E) and so I drew one of my own. I'm not an artist so I know it's kind of silly-looking, but it's the best I could do.

A couple of things:

- Iron diadem (replaces Kalak's golden one with a symbol of Tyr)
- A cassock dyed with Tyrian purple (replacing his black templar's robes)
- The famous auburn ponytail hair and hawkish nose from the Denning novels
- I made his expression kind of bland/kindly so he doesn't instantly scream VILLAIN when the players see it.

Enjoy or mock, as you wish. 


I share with you one of my favorite Dark Sun compositions.  We must tip our hats to old Baxa.
Happy Dark Sunning.
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