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I have been trying to find a decent deck list for 3 for 1 or some variation of it and this is what i've gotten so far

x20 mountain

x4 Magma Jet
x4 Lava Spike
x4 Lightning Bolt (will have to find my set)
x4 Rift Bolt
x4 Incenerate

x4 Spark Elemental
x4 Grim Lavamancer (will need to buy)

I've seen this as a typical set up which I have most of the cards I just need help filling in the slots, I'd go into black for bump in the night but I'm looking for a cheaper deck build w/o bob/shocklands/fetch

Conflagrate - might work with flashback as a finisher
Crack The Earth - Since the deck runs on very little mana why not?
Martyr of Ashes 
desperate ritual
Izzet guildmage
just a few cards i'm thinking not really sure yet 
get greedy and run guttersnipe in there
haha will do, yeah i'm thinking about running some guildmages in it as well for a copied lavaspike/ritual still haven't made up my mind on what other cards to play with since i've seen several different builds. I do love the idea of threaten &  fling in the deck though

I might even use guttersnipe over lavamancer since guttersnipe is obviously better  
Head Shot (crap name but it fits with guttersnipe XD)

x16 Mountain

x4 Lava Spike
x4 Lightning Bolt
x4 Incenerate
x4 Rift Bolt
x4 Magma Jet
x4 Volcanic Hammer
x4 Browbeat

x4 Spark Elemental
x4 Guttersnipe

x4 Desperate Ritual

Maybe flames of the bloodhand?                   
If you don't care about Land(one of the few decks that can say that), then Shard Volley would be good. Also, think about a Devastating Summons/Goblin Bushwhacker Package for pushing through that last bit of damage.
I would have killed, literally ended someones life, to NOT have Arrogant Bloodlord riding a giant ant... Good times:
but where DID the other fork come from?
Lord_Zed: I was at my friends house when this happened. He's married and his wife was an excellent baker. She had baked a homemade apple pie the night before. I was hungry, and my friend convinced me to try those low carb monster drinks. Before this day, I had never triend energy drinks before. Boy was I in for a treat. When I tried that first monster, I really enjoyed the flavor, but the taste that it left in my mouth wasn't so good. What was my solution? Drink another! before I could finish drinking that 2nd monster, I felt it already kicking in(these drinks were not very far apart, we're talking minutes here) my friend decided that it was a good idea to whip out that fresh pie his wife made the night before. I didn't know what to do, since I felt incredibly invigorated, and at the same time, freaked out by the rush I was feeling, but I was also hungry, and my friend have me an entire plate with a fork and said "help yourself." He extended his saucer to me, and I cut him a piece of the pie and handed it to him, then I looked at the pie, noticed that the pie was in an aluminum holder, and dumped the entire pie onto my plate and started eating it with 2 forks. I don't know where I found that other fork, it probably came from my friend. Anyhow, his wife wasn't happy, and I was already in magical christmas land. 2 days later, I was in my friends bed and I slept for 14 hours. His wife outlawed my from having any of her baked goods for a while(which sucked because I could just show up at there house, steal some sweets, and leave) and said I couldn't have any energy drinks at her house, unless under close watch. My friend, on the other hand, had to take me out to a steak dinner, because apparently I won a bet where I climbed a tree and didn't die.
The great land debate:
97563441 wrote:
Zendikar had fetchlands, and Worldwake had manlands. What are the new Scars duals called?
61325265 wrote:
Explosive Peanut Lightning lands. Well, that's just what I call them.
61325265 wrote:
58232598 wrote:
i'm just trying to figure out what the point of saying this is. it's just really random.
And so the pot met the kettle.
Please DONT play guttersnipe. It costs 3 mana. Grim Lavamancer and 8 fetchlands will be enough with the tons of bur you have. Play Vexing Devil and Goblin Guide as well instead of Browbeat and Desperate Rituals
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