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okay so at the return to ravnica prerelease i traded and got a sorin, lord of innistrad but i can't find out what to put him with in a deck if anyone had an idea please tell me 
I run him in Black/White Tokens. With things like Lingering Souls and Gather the Townsfolk.
Anthems to boost the tokens, Honor of the Pure and Intangible Virtue
Sorin is nice to use his -2 as soon as he comes down. If he survives to the next turn (hasn't happened very often) making another token is pretty cool. I've never got his -6 off though or a second Emblem for that matter!!
As said, sorin is best in token strategies. There are many token cards to choose from, so go through your collection to see what you have.
How to Autocard
card: [c]cardname[/c]-> [c]Vampire Nighthawk[/c] -> Vampire Nighthawk
I'd imagine you already saw it, but here's another thread that may give you some ideas:

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