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I wish to submit BUG/incorrct working in WER.
I have a tournament running, and I start to add players. then if I have 8 or more, so I can start a tournament and I try to add a new player from SEARCH (NOT in local players tab), and I find the player and I have here a button ENROLL and above this button BEGIN EVENT.
Now, it is very easy to hit by mistake BEGIN EVENT.
Imediatelly will popup No of rounds suggested without any possibilities to hit Cancel or close the windows, so I MUST start the event, even if I don't want yet.
This happened on PRE-RELEASE on RAVNICA, when I had 30 peope, then I hit accidentally BEGIN EVENT and I cannot revert. Then it was suggested 5 rounds, then after I added 5 more people, and it should be 6 rounds over 32. Of course I cannot change this now.

You should try to fix this in next version please. Just to close button.

ALSO I would like to have in next versions of WER a possibilities to delete unique results, not all from last round (which is not yet closed).
Now I need to delete all results and reenter.

You should be able to enroll players even after you had to begin the event. If after entering the new players you would have more rounds, you should be able to change the number of rounds in the edit field in the first tab (called 'Event'). At least I was able to do so the last time I used WER (which is some months ago, I must admint).

When you write 'delete unique results', do you mean 'results' or 'matches'?
If you want to change a result, go to the 'Rounds' tab, select the round, then select the match and after that click on the button with the correct result.
If you want to change a match of the current round, go to the 'Rounds' tab, click the 'Edit Matches' button, select the match(es) you want to changes, then click on 'Undo matches'. After that you can repair those matches.
Thank you, I will try, but anyway is not very user friendly if is possible :-)