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Legends & Lore Magic
Systems in D&D Next
By Mike Mearls

Sometimes in reading through blogs and forum posts, I see people wonder why we’re not making faster progress on the game. Realistically, if we wanted to hurry things along, we could have all the classes and races out in playtest form, hordes of monsters, and piles of treasure. Instead, we’ve seen six classes and four races, and I can assure you that we’re a couple of iterations away from seeing more. So, what gives?

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D&D News
Dragon/Dungeon News
By D&D Team 

The submission window for our online magazines, Dragon and Dungeon, are now open! Before you send us pitches for articles and adventures, please review our updated writer’s guidelines. They contain new information about what we’re looking for. The submission window closes on November 30th, so you have a couple months to send us your ideas.

In other news, we’re trying an experiment in October by releasing all of our subscription content in two collected issues, rather than posting individual articles throughout the month. Subscribers can download the entire issues of Dragon 416 andDungeon 207 once they’re posted.

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Any ETA on Dungeon 207 being available for download? The links are still not active.
Yes.  The end of the month/beginning of next month.

They said, now that they're only putting out the Compiled version, they'd put it up when it's "ready."  For Dragon, the last individual articles had been coming out around a couple days before the end of the month.  For Dungeon, it was the last day of the month, sometimes the first or second day of the next month.

So we can expect no new "usable content" until around Halloween.
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