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What is the bare minimum number of spells you would run in a deck that has 4x Delver of Secrets. I'm tinkering with an Izzet deck and want an aggressive 1-drop to compliment Goblin Guide. I was thinking about Delver or Phantasmal Bear.
Try Jace's Phantasm.

Not really sure how well it works with Goblin Guide, as you didn't autocard it.
Please Please Please Autocard/// / / / [c]Protean Hydra[/c] => Protean Hydra / / / I can't read the cards you reference without it... / Well, ok, I CAN read the cards, but it involves opening Gatherer, looking your card up by name, hoping it's spelled right, and... I'm just too lazy to do it, alright? Please Autocard.

I'm gonna say 20 running stuff like Brainstorm and Ponder to compliment it.

If you have no effects to fix your deck then I'd say 32.

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