Are Kobolds Vanillas?

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These cards have rules text on the list page of gatherer, but when you see the details of the card, there is no rules text.

I just want to know if they are vanillas or not. For Muraganda.

they are "Vanilla" ever since Innistrad, that introduced the color indicator
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They are vanilla and will get the bonus from Muraganda.

Their «give me a color» text has been replaced by a «color indicator». 

If I steal a hundred dollar from a loot of one thousand, people might notice;

If I steal a hundred dollar from a loot of one million, I might get away with it;

If I wish to steal even more and still go unnoticed, I need to make the loot bigger.


Now you know why taxes always go up.


Looting: ''the plundering of public assets by corrupt or greedy authorities'' (Wikipedia)

Odd, the search results page shows the old "~ is Red" text, but clicking through to the card shows it doesn't have it.
Ok, thanks.

Then I guess the abilities are just a bug in Gatherer's list page.
I've mentioned that bug a year ago in the Gatherer Errors - Outdated Rulings and Oracle Typos thread.

This was WotC_MattT's response.

We've updated the Gatherer rulings file to correct most of the errors pointed out in this thread. This will not cover errors of a technical nature, although those have been passed along to the development team for prioritization, analysis, and correction (if possible).