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I have an Order card in my drow set that is unusable. Sneak Attack. It applies to 6th level and higher creatures, but my highest level creature is 5 (Umber Hulk) and there is no level-up card in the drow Order cards. What is the point of this level 6 card??

Creatures you control can assist with an action. They must all have the stat listed on the card and their combined level must be at least what is listed. In this case they must all have dex, and their combined level must be at least 6. Assisting causes all creatures involved to tap. 

Assisting causes all creatures involved to tap.

Just the assisting creatures tap. If the action is a standard action (as is the case for Sneak Attack) then the active creature taps too. However if it were a minor action the active creature does not tap but the assisting creatures do.

Usually creatures must be adjacent to the active creature to be elidgable to assist. Sneak Attack breaks that rule, allowing creatures you control who are adjacent to the target to assist as well. 

Thank you for clarifying that. Very good points. 

I have an Order card in my drow set that is unusable. Sneak Attack. It applies to 6th level and higher creatures, but my highest level creature is 5 (Umber Hulk) and there is no level-up card in the drow Order cards. What is the point of this level 6 card??

Sneak Attack is hard to setup but less hard than other high level cards since the card explicitly says that not only creatures adjacent to the card user can assist, but creatures adjacent to the *target* can assist too. The reward is a whopping 100 damage. Cormyr has a 100 damage card for level 5 but that's STR, IMO it should have more aggressive stuff than DEX (which is a lot better at defensive stuff).
Thanks guys for clearing that up for me. I half wondered if the card was a misprint! As a newbie, I totally forgot the rules for assisted attacks. In fact, when we played this weekend, I forgot to use assisted attacks altogether. No wonder I got beaten!

Hopefully I will have better luck next weekend!
It's okay, quite understandable you might think that since there's actually a typo in that set (one Faerie Fire being printed as level 1 instead of 2) and the assist rule is barely ever used in my experience, so people teaching the game might forget about teaching it. I design my decks so that the cards in them can be used unassisted, though Sneak Attack has been one card that I've almost played a few times since it's so powerful.
I've been playing a stripped-down Lolth band, and it's a lot of fun to sneak attack things with the drider and two demonweb spiders (it's tricky to decide whether to do this, or continue to go grab treasure with the spiders... but they move fast, and scuttle, so it's pretty common to be able to use this tactic).

Plus, I just like the look on people's faces when they get sneak attacked by what is effectively a spiderling. 

The big risk of course, is that I have now stacked up my creatures... luvly cleaves and fireballs  
So, I have some thoughts about the Sneak Attack card.  Are we sure that assisting to resolve this card taps the other creatures used to assist?  I understand "Assisting" in the rulebook states that playing any order card of a higher level than the creature using it taps the assisting creatures as well, but I have a few notes that support that not being the case for the Sneak Attack card:

1) Assist is a general rule in the game.  You can use it on pretty much any order card that is higher level than the creature you intend to play the order card on.  But, none of the other cards specifically mention assisiting on their card write ups (even the other high level order cards).  Only Sneak Attack has text on it regarding assisting.  Why?  I find that interesting.

2) The rules state that text on a card takes precedence over text in the rulebook.  Sneak Attack has its own text about assisting to carry out the Sneak Attack.  No where on the Sneak Attack card does it say the creatures that assist must tap.  I don't see why this doesn't fall into the "card text over-rules the rulebook text".  For Sneak Attack, and Sneak Attack only (at least so far), assisting for the Sneak Attack should NOT tap the assisting creatures, because the card addresses how assisting is done for it, and the text on the card takes precedence over the assist rules in the rulebook.

3) In fitting in with what I feel the intent of the card is, and comparing it to other games, Sneak Attack should not tap assisting creatures.  The mere presence of the other creature is what allows the Sneak Attack.  D and D uses that concept (3.5... not sure about 4.0)... extra damage is dealt if the target is flanked.  The flanking character does not lose its turn... just its presence and position allows the attacking creature extra damage.  DDM was the same way.  Some minis did extra damage to a target if an allied miniature gave it flanking.  The allied miniature did not lose its activation to this.  I feel the intent of Sneak Attack is the same with these other games.  The "presence" of the other creatures is sufficient to allow the Sneak Attack.  It is still somewhat regulated by the requirement that the assisting creatures' and the attacking creature's  level total 6 or higher... but that can make sense in requiring a sufficient level of threat to pull off the Sneak Attack (requiring at least 6 total levels). 

From the rulebook:

"When you play an Order card, any number of creatures you control adjacent to the acting creature can assist it. Assisting lets a creature take an action even if its Level is not high enough.

To assist, tap each assisting creature and add its Level to the Level of the acting creature. (Assisting creatures must tap even if the acting creature is using a minor action.) Each assisting creature must have the Ability specified by the card."

The definition of Assisting is that the creature must be adjacent to the acting creature, that it must have the ability specified on the card (DEX here) and that it taps the creature, even if it's a Minor.

Sneak Attack says:

"Make a melee attack that deals 100 damage. Creatures you control that are adjacent to the target can assist with that action."

The card explicitly says that creatures adjacent to the target can also assist. This overrides the card and therefore both creatures adjacent to the acting creature and the target can assist. The card is silent about everything else, so *since there are no exceptions mentionned on the card*, regular assist rules apply for everything else. The creature must have the Ability specified on the card (DEX) and taps.

D&D or DDM rules are irrelevant to the argument.
Shoesan, you appear to be mixing up Sneak Attack and Flanking.

Two creatures already have flanking as a free power (Goblin Champion and Halfling Sneak.) Sneak Attack is a specific attack with a set amount of damage. And as Dark Angel said: the only explicit rule exception is that creatures can assist if they are not next to the creature making the attack, but as long as they are next to the target.

Every single card follows all the rules unless the card states all or part of a rule that it breaks. In that case it only breaks exactly what is mentioned on the card.
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