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Most Epic Experiment build I've seen so far run close to zero creatures, and I understand the rationale behind that.  I really do.  However,  I feel that you can compound the effects of your experiment by running creatures that mesh well with the spell.  Nivmagus Elemental is included for those times when your spells end up countered or you Experiment into counterspells you can't use.  Guttersnipe has HUGE damage bursts when you get an Experiment going, and Talrand gives you board presence to block/overwhelm an opponent.  You can Epic Experiment for 5, deal 2 and put a 2/2 flyer onto the battlefield for every spell you draw, and feed whatever you don't need to Nivmagus Elemental.  Fun stuff!  Here's the list:

Creatures: 10

Other Spells: 26
3 Syncopate
3 Dissipate
4 Izzet Charm
3 Electrickery
3 Searing Spear
2 Cyclonic Rift
3 Epic Experiment
2 Mizzium Mortars
2 Bonfire of the Damned
1 Temporal Mastery[/deck]

Land: 24
4 Steam Vents
4 Sulfur Falls
9 Island
7 Mountain[/deck]

Let me know what you think!  Thanks!                           
Permanents and X spells desynergize with EE, Overloads only maintain minimal value and the lack of draw power here makes for a weak engine.
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No drawing? Tsk, Tsk. You better use izzet charm only on drawing. 
Get amass the components and think twice in there. There are other good drawing cards as well, but I'm blanking. Check gatherers and see wht you can find. Cut out syncopate, up the number of dissipate to 4 and add 2 cancels (they're back in RTR). Lastly, as said above drop bonfire, it's not a good spell for this type of deck. If you are going to keep any creatures then leave in with nothing more than 6 max. I reccomend 4 guttersnipe and 2 talrand, or 4 guttersnipe and 2 snapcaster mages.
it doesn't seem like you have enough for dealing damage. the Bonfires are going to be duds when you pull em off the experiment. I would do a bit more draw and more aggro cards. Also if it has "x" in its cost (aside from the experiments) keep it out of this deck.

Maybe have some of the token spells in the deck? That can turn the experiment into a creature-flood!  

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I want to keep the EE threads together, because this is a card that is going to require some collaboration.

EE wants ramp, thats pretty obvious. I have two builds that I've concocted.

Build 1 - RUG ramp

Build 2 - U/R Witch Hunt
4 Epic Experiment

4 Krenko's Command
4 Thatcher Revolt
4 Talrand's Invocation

3 Mystic Retrieval
2 Past in Flames
2 Increasing Vengeance

4 Thought Scour
3 Think Twice

4 Battle Hymn 

2 Burn at the Stake

I didn't include mana because I frankly haven't figured it out. The latter of the two is definately a combo deck that can alt win with just the tokens, but if you get a good chain going, you can probably EE twice in a turn and hopefully hit a BatS.
The Epic Arcane Melee Experiment:

If you can survive long enough to get the runic/retreival engine going you just take over the game (and the possibility of taking infinite turns is tasty too).

Runic Repetition can't get Temporal Mastery; it requires the exiled spell have flashback.
I too want to make this deck work.  I really think you could take some people by surprise at an FNM or something.  This is a similar list to one posted a while back, with some of my own changes to it:

The idea for the ramp is amazing, since you can thin your deck out until it's only what you can cast, then flashback devil's play for 20+ or whatever.  Boundless Realms should be awesome here: turn 2 Farseek into turn 3 Path into turn 4 Realms leads to turn 5 experiment for 12.  Sounds fun to me, despite however unlikely. Plus, if you hit them while  experimenting, you thin your deck out like crazy.  It may come out though when Gatecrash is a thing: breeding pool and stomping ground would be fetced by farseek/ranger's path, plus whatever ramp Gruul may get.

I REALLY want this deck to work, I'm only short 2 more masteries, 1 tide, and a vengeance.
Runic Repetition can't get Temporal Mastery; it requires the exiled spell have flashback.

runic repetition gets back mystic retrieval which gets back the temporal mastery duh.

If your oppenent can get out and keep out any number of Dryad Militant then it all gets shot
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Runic Repetition can't get Temporal Mastery; it requires the exiled spell have flashback.

runic repetition gets back mystic retrieval which gets back the temporal mastery duh.

I hope you're being facetious.
if not, well, then read Temporal Mastery very, very carefully.
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