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So it looks like Return to Ravnica is giving Modern some shiny new toys with Abrupt Decay, Lotleth Troll, and especially Deathrite Shaman. I think this little one-drop is going to give a lot of decks headaches, so I've decided to try them out in a Rock build. It's a work in progress, and of course I haven't actually been able to play with the cards yet, but here's the list I'll be looking to put together. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Main Deck:

3 x Knight of the Reliquary

3 x Kitchen Finks

3 x Tidehollow Sculler

4 x Dark Confidant

4 x Tarmogoyf

4 x Deathrite Shaman

3 x Birds of Paradise

2 x Maelstrom Pulse

4 x Abrupt Decay

1 x Inquisition of Kozilek

3 x Thoughtseize

4 x Path to Exile

4 x Verdant Catacombs

2 x Marsh Flats

4 x Overgrown Tomb

2 x Godless Shrine

1 x Temple Garden

2 x Woodland Cemetery

2 x Isolated Chapel

2 x Swamp

2 x Plains

1 x Forest


1 x Memoricide

3 x Extirpate

3 x Mana Tithe

3 x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

2 x Leyline of Sanctity

3 x Ghost Quarter

I'm not too sure about the Birds, but I figured some extra mana-fixing and a few chump blockers couldn't hurt. Also, I think the sideboard is a little shaky, but I'll have to wait and see what the rest of the field is playing to know for sure. What do you folks think? Is Post-RtR Rock viable?
Good call. I don't know how I missed him. He's perfect with all those fetchlands. Thanks for the help! Decklist edited...
i've been using a kinda similar deck, i don't have any dark confidants but i've been running doran, the siege tower and he's been really good for me.  With the knights I run 1 vault of the archangel to fetch up and gain back some life and leverage some good combat trades after stabilizing.
my decklist as it stands now:

there are some obvious spots for improvements mostly due to budget constraints but overall this deck has been very consistent for me.  i strongly reccommend picking up some leyline of sanctity for the sideboard as this type of deck is soft to combo (valakut, storm etc.)
Yeah, combo has been my biggest worry with this deck. I was hoping Mana Tithe and/or Chalice of the Void would be enough against it, but I think the Leyline and Thalia are a better way to go. Your deck looks pretty solid, with multiple lines of play. How is Qasali Pridemage working out for you? It was between that or Lotleth Troll at 2, but the appeal of playing a new card at that slot was what won me over. Thanks again for the input and a comparison decklist. Deck edited...
The Pridemages are great.  A disenchant when i need it, a decent attacker and the exalted triggers help push through damage with flyers in a stalemate.

If you want to run lotleth trolls try and make room for vengevines.  Possible turn 3 plays include: cast troll, discard gravecrawler and vengevine, cast gravecrawler, put vengevine in play and attack.
Vengevine had a pretty prominent place here when I initially started thinking about the deck, but I'm trying hard to keep my CMC's down to 3 or less, due to Bob. I'll already be taking a hit or two from my lands, so taking anything more than 3 at a time from drawing my cards makes things pretty dangerous, though Deathrite Shaman will be helping out greatly with his 3rd ability.
I think Lotleth Troll-Vengevine want a whole different deck built around them, you can't just stick them in a list like this.  You have no other graveyard interaction, so I think you're better off sticking with hate/utility creatures.  Kitchen Finks, Aven Mindcensor, Gaddock Teeg, Leonin Arbiter, etc.  Or maybe Liliana of the Veil.

Noble Hierarch should replace Birds if at all possible.  Exalted more than makes up for not giving black mana.
I've tinkered with the list more, now that I have most of the cards I need for it, and I definitely agree this is not the home for Vengevine. Surprisingly, though, Lotleth Troll has been pretty lackluster as well. I'm still convinced he'll be a beast in the right deck (one which can utilize the graveyard better, like BG Zombies), but I just don't think he's the right fit here. Plus, with so many 2-drops already, I think I'll make some room for a few Kitchen Finks (good call, JBTM) in the main. This should help buffer my life total after fetches/shocks and more pain from Bob. I'm still not convinced that my consistency won't suffer from switching out Birds for Hierarchs, but I'll certainly do some more testing with them to make sure. I appreciate the suggestions, JBTM!
With the finks in the main, you could risk adding another thoughtseize instead of one of the Inquisitions.  My only problem with Deathrite is that it doesn't really do anything in this deck; or at least doesn't really appear to do anything until mid-game. 

Why not try 4x Dryad Militant instead?

As well, for combo, if you can get the mana out, why not go -1 Extirpate and +1 Memoricide / Cranial Extraction?  I know they're heavy cmc, but it gets rid of known combo pieces without them being in hand.
You're right about the extra Thoughtseize, Malpheas. Finks will at least support a 3/1 split. I think a singleton Memoricide in the board is probably going to help, too. Deathrite Shaman actually performs a couple of functions here that I think are extremely helpful. It helps recoup my lost life from fetches, shocks, Bob and Thoughtseize, and also is a great card against opposing Tarmogoyfs. I've regularly used all three abilities and he does some important legwork in this deck, so I think I'll keep him around. Thanks for the help!