So, RTR pre-release story anyone?

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Since no one make a thread about RTR pre-release story, might as well make one

So I'm playing Izzet, before I was trying to choose Azorius but with the all card spolied, I switching to Izzet for pre-release.
Went 3-1 (4 rounds) and place me in 3rd  , the 1st was (also) Izzet and the second was Selesnya.

The MVP card on my deck : Hypersonic Dragon (promo card), Frostburn Weird (3 of them), Teleportal, Dynacharge, Annihilating Fire (2 of them), Lobber crew (yes, I ping them to death), Inaction Injunction (especially when HyperDragon in battlefield), and Voidwielder (bye2 8/8 vigilance token) 

What is your story? What is top 3 guilds in your pre-release?
Beware !!!! There are Zombies even in Spaces !!!
I chose Azorius because that's my favorite guild, not for power reasons.

I happenned to open Martial Law and Sphinx of the Chimes, two Arrest, a lot of aggressive critters... I was feeling pretty good.

First match I have a very strong early game that leaves him no chance at all. Second game, he's mana-screwed.

Second match, I lose the first game to a 14/14 Corpsejack Menace (he had another one in addition to the promo) when there's only two cards remaining in his library. The second game is disputed, but I win. The third one, played real fast because there were some ten minutes left to the round, ended up being way too aggressive for him, so I win and we shake hands after a hard battle.

Third match is against Selesnya. Apoparently, he had only populate cards and no creature for the whole first game, and I killed him with a Frostburn Weird and a Keening Apparition. The only spell I saw was that populate put a bird spell, even though he went to eight lands. Second game, he dropped a lot of critters and populated, even destroying my Martial Law, but my Archon of the Triumvirate kept detaining his centaurs and flying over his head, and I got the kill.

Got seven boosters from the 3-0. Felt pretty good. 

Rules Advisor

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Rancor dies to in-response removal.
Yeah... Until next game, where it'll be right back. Seriously, there's no way to deal with Rancor in any format. It should be banned, except Gleemax is a lobbyist for the Rancor party, so that'll never happen.
You can't ban rancor, it just returns to your deck.
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You might want to actually talk to the Flavor & Storyline Board people... since, you know, our whole reason for playing Magic is the flavor. I'm willing to bet you'll get a lot more interest there than in General.
Indeed, both posters down there would be thrilled.
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I think I wasn't direct enough in my last post. I'll try to fix it now. Ahem... NO ONE CARES there you have it.
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When talks about banning Jace first started, I was thinking that I would see him banned come June 20th. But as I think more about it, I don't really think that Jace is the problem anymore. Sure his power level leaves very little to the imagination (opening Jace is like opening a refrigerator box with a naked girl on the inside), and sure his price does have a strong impact on what players choose to play (playing Jace is like being intimate with a woman and she doesn't charge you in the morning), but it is not the source of all the problems in Standard.
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How do people think saving room to print more abilities on cards is dumbing down the game?

Do you really think, say, Akroma would ever be printed if she said, "Akroma can block by creatures with this ability and cannot be blocked by creatures without this ability.  If a creature without this ability would deal combat damage by Akroma would be destroyed, prevent all combat damage that creature would deal to Akroma this combat.  Attacking does not cause Akroma to tap.  If Akroma is blocked and deals lethal damage, it deals the remainder of its damage to the defending player.  Akroma may attack and use abilities that require tapping in the casting cost the turn it enters the battlefield.  Akroma cannot be damaged, enchanted, equipped, blocked or targeted by black or red sources" rather than her "dumbed down" wording she has?  No freaking way.  Keywording and shorthand allows them to make complicated cards easy to play with, allowing them to be printed in the first place.
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The creation of praetors was worth it just because now amoeboid changeling is a praetor.
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1. cast frankie peanuts2. ask opponent "will you concede the game this turn"? if they say yes, you win; if they say no, play a staying power
3. subsequently ask "will you attack this turn"? and "will you cast a spell this turn"? (using a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir for the second question if necessary) to ensure they can't disrupt the combo
4. donate them a platinum angel
5. play a mox lotus and braingeyser them for every card in their library. play an opalescence and donate them a glorious anthem and a blacker lotus, then play enchanted evening. play and activate a mindslaver and then donate them a fastbond and the mox lotus (returning one of the donates to your hand with eternal witness or whatever)
6. during their turn, play every permanent in their hand (playing lands with fastbond) then (as yourself) cast mirrorweave on the blacker lotus, so every permanent becomes a copy of it. proceed to tear up every card they control, and hopefully do it before they notice that they aren't bound by staying power's ability anymore and can concede
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82423538 wrote:
One part of the statement being true=/=the whole statement true.
Whatever. I'm still here about ten minutes away. Whenever you want to get destroyed in Magic, I'm available.
I would like to get destroyed in Magic, actually. Do you know anybody good enough?
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Please format your statements in a way that doesn't look like a baboon hit its face on your keyboard.
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why did Garruk Relentless lose a loyalty counter
to get to the other side
89522235 wrote:
You're such an obvious troll that you have hexproof and : Regenerate.
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Dark Ritual being overpowered is determined more by what is done with it than the card itself.
True, but the fact that it enables so many ridiculous things is pretty telling. It's like, sure I can use a shotgun as a bludgeoning instrument, but that doesn't make it not a shotgun.
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Shortly before Serra died, she transferred her spark into an angel whose full name was Asha Avacyn Bolas. Her dragon father groomed her for her positions in Alara and Innistrad, and she's also been getting help from her uncle Ugin in the form of Urza, who was resurrected as Marit Lage to be the avatar as which she projects herself into material realms. Grieslbrand is a split personality who sometimes wanders the planes disguised as a human woman named Liliana Vess.
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Yeah that (Content Removed) really annoys me. Moderated by MY_self right about naahowwww!
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Dilleux_Lepaire just won the thread.
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And, as usual, Dilleux wins the entire thread. Nice work, sir, nice work.
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They need to make 9 layers of zones where cards go when they "die". Much like Hell.
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Wow, holy doggy poop, kids, obvious statement is obvious.
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i don't think your geting it WotC is trying to kill the comption to make it so that there shity app is the only one left.
I haven't tried the app. How is its use of English grammar? Cheers!
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Everyone's life would be easier if players would, instead of coming to the 'net for help with a deck, just netdeck and be done with it. And I'm not talking about some Top 8 lists, for the Casualists, too, can benefit from netdecking. I've netdecked plenty of decks from the Casual Play forums from users such as Mown, Raedien, Floopfoot, and a few others. I snatched straight the heck out of my web browser. Yes, people, your original idea fell victim to a savage netdecker. You have been assimiliated. Suppose I wanted a Zombie deck. Why on earth would I spend time searching Gatherer for a decent list of Zombie cards when Raedien already did it for me? Taking time to be creative or waiting on people on the forums to tell you why your deck sucks or 'go to Casual forums' is a disasterous waste of time (to me).
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If WotC started putting $100 bills in packs, the players would complain that they folded them wrong.
No, they just spam them with ban requests. That being said, Magic was ruined back in Alpha when they added all that rules and cards [Debutantes avert your eyes]. My friends and I still like playing it the "pure" way (Basically we go into the woods and hit eachother with wiffle bats while shouting made up obscenities. You know, the way Garfield wanted it to be played).
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Don't worry about it. I've come up with a list of changes to fix EDH. -First off, there's no commander. -The minimum deck size is 60 cards, and each deck can have up to four of each card, save basic lands and relentless rats. Also decks have no color identity. -Starting life total is 20. And voila, now things are balanced.
89522235 wrote:
Here's a clever play you can try yourself: -Convince friend to run relentless rats.dec in legacy tournament -Get a deck with lots of mill, yixlid jailer, and humility -Drop humility and jailer, wait for him to dump his hand, mill him out -All his rats now have no abilities. Call a judge because he's playing an illegal deck with more than 4 of a single card. -Get him/her banned from competitive magic play
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But how to mark them without making the individual sleeve different! You could buy a skunk and slam it's butt on you deck (pardon the french) Then after the game just sniff at your opponent's pile of cards and you will know if any of your cards are there!!!
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In Soviet Russia, Sorin opens You
71235715 wrote:
L, is for the leather gloves you weaaaar. O, is for the organs that guy could spaaaare. V, is very very, extraordinay. E, is for every vagrant i butchered in a wine cellar befooooore.
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The outer layer of the Magic: the Gathering box, the carton, or crust, is fairly thin and light, and contains largely aluminosilcates. Within that lies the middle layer, consisting of the familiar booster pack. Although solid, the booster packs' high temperatures allow them to acutally move around within the booster box. This flow, sometimes called convection, is cited by frustrated box mappers as one of WOTC's most genious uses of thermodynamics since the Ravnica block. No one knows what lies at the core of the booster box, but scientists theorize that it must be especially dense in order to make up for the large amount of fluff distributed amongst the booster packs.
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Torpor Orb is absolutely godawful against Vexing Devil.
whoever is playing vexing devil is probably losing anyways
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I imagine [Ajani 3's] second ability involves him hurling the creature at your opponent Brion Stoutarm style, then the guy is just like "Okay, that may have worked, but don't- GOD DAMN IT!" as he does it again because cats don't give a **** :33.
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"Do or do not, there is no try." - Albus Dumbledore, The Lord of the Rings.
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Its like that one time Elves broke out in a field of Jund. Elves became a resurgent hit, then died off again once Jund adapted to the rest of the field of G/W that it required mass removal that inherently pooped on Elves too. Submit to the menace. Delver can, and will blot out the sun.
Then we shall play in the shade.
89522235 wrote:
I'm sorry, this forum isn't for getting bad advice on mediocre decks, that's standard deck help. This forum is for starting ****storms.
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139359831 wrote:
Your advice would only lead me to make generic, boring, and unworthy content. It's of no use to me.
I just got this image of you as an architect, having finished a building suspended by only a small pole in its southwest corner, saying it's original. Then the building collapses.
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I for one love the flavor of legendary lands. "I remember my days as a youth at Tolarian Academy." "Wow, small multiverse, I actually went there too." "WAIT, DON'T- Well ****, there's $200,000 in student loans well spent."
56957928 wrote:
And flavor goes out the window when you cast a second copy of a planeswalker right after the first one dies, so... "Hey Nissa, I need a favor." "You just asked me for a 'favor' like thirty seconds ago, and it turned out to be having Sarkhan Transmogrify my only follower into a dragon like 5 times -which dickery aside also violates some laws of causality - and then you let me get beaten over the head by that hedron crab." "...I'll give you " "...Well all right then."
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GM, I don't think Dill is better than you. I KNOW it. Even if he wakes up every morning, clubs a baby seal, steals all the TV remotes from within a block's radius of his house and then robs hungry orphans of their food he'd be better than you, for the simple reason that he learns from his mistakes.
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57033358 wrote:
Tamiyo vs. Gideon
What would they have to fight about? Like, all I can think of now is Gideon going "Hey, long-ears! I'm gathering a group of 'Walkers together to fight some tentacle want in?" and Tamiyo going "Ew! Hentai no bakka Gideon-desu desu!" and flying away.
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I open 4 packs just to be on the safe side. Not only do I get more cards than everyone else, but I also get to spend the rest of the night off. Win Win.
191752181 wrote:
MaRo has a thing for people opening boosters with bad cards. But since he can only get so many bad cards printed in each set, he has found a devious way of getting more bad cards into circulation: He makes entire print sheets with just bad rares, then puts them onto the assembly line. He proceeds to wring his hands and twirl his evil mustache that he grew for twirling purposes as a lightning bolt strikes in the background. Afterwards, he goes to make sure that the good cards are only opened by everyone's friends, and that we all only get to open bad cards. He does this by memorising each booster, than switching them around accordingly. Whenever someone complains about a card, he immediately jumps out from behind a chair to yell "WELL, IT'S NOT FOR YOU!" before merging back into the shadows in order to devise new ways in which he can screw over players, then claim that he has valid reasons for doing so.
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192729031 wrote:
You open a booster pack, and staring back at you from the rare slot is a Lotleth Troll? At least I can stick him in my EDH deck and still have four for my standard constructed.
Because lol troll
56874518 wrote:
It helped that I more or less skipped most of GM_Champion's longer diatribes. I only have so many brain cells I'm willing to sacrifice each day.
192931349 wrote:
Mark Rosewater is sitting in a seemingly innocuous cable TV van, outside of Bankaimastery's house. Sitting nearby are two hardened criminal hackers, fresh out of prison, and filled with resentment at their lack of physical fitness. "Have you managed to hack his brainwaves yet? The set deadline's coming up fast." "We're almost through. It should be coming up on the screen any second." The hacker presses a button, and Kevin's thoughts flash onto the screen. Mark and the hackers stare in amazement at the sheer beauty, the elegance, and the raw truth of what they see. It's like the ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Brilliant light shines across the screen, the truth of existence is made clear to them, and they despair at their own foolishness, their own ignorance, their own inadequacy. And then they steal his ideas. As they return back to R&D, Mark sneers at a haggard old man chained to a cast-iron sphere. The man looks up from his laborious task of breaking rocks in the dungeon of Wizards of the Coast headquarters, and asks a question: "Kevin, my greatest student. He - he's all right, isn't he? You didn't hurt him?" Mark deals him a weighty blow with his boot. "Know your place, Richard. Get back to work."
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Now show me on the Garruk doll where Zac Hill ruined your enjoyment of Magic...
63711769 wrote:
I'm only opposed to it because it bears so little relation to how people actually play the game. The example of Miracles is actually a much better one then the Clone example I was trying to use. From the game's perspective, the card can move instantly from face down in the library to revealed in the hand and that's fine for the rules. But in real life, we can't actually do that, so the card spends a good bit of time in locations that are neither where that player's library is nor where that player's hand is. And that's fine for real life. What I don't want is the disconnect to be explicitly codified. Along the lines of
183664.697 A game of Magic as laid out by these rules exists only as a pure Platonic ideal, utterly unrealizable by fallible mortals limited by the confines of physicality and the ravages of evil and sin. 183664.698 The cake is a lie, too.
I know it's true, but I don't want the rules to actually straight-up tell me that.
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77120821 wrote:
Pfft this cant be serious can it? If it is please delete your account OP. Its not even close to ban worthy, considering what JTMS and stoneforge had to accomplish to get banned i see the WotC selling magic to aquire Pokemon before that ever happens.
I'm trying to imagine sorin markov as a gym leader in one of those pokemon games which you have to beat him to get his badge... somehow I imagine that he would stab you in the chest with his sword before giving you the badge, even if you beat his pokemon....
196239043 wrote:
Personally, I'd be fine with tea time but then I'm not gonna waste the mana summoning Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. He always takes all the sugar, drinks the whole pot of Earl Grey and doesn't even say thank you. SO. RUDE.


JustTerrorIt wrote:


JuliusPringle wrote:

All I want to do is sit down and play magic, but when I walked in yesterday, (since I didn't talk to anyone) nobody talked to me and I silently bought what I wanted and walked out.

If you don't talk to anyone, that increases the odds that no one will talk to you.


JuliusPringle wrote:

So how do I just... introduce myself? "Hi, my name is Adam, wanna play magic with me?" Do I go to the counter and talk to the cashier?

Yeah. Talk to the cashier. Tell him/her that you want a Black Lotus, and if they don't have one tell them that the store isn't on par with what you expected.


Reach into your back left pocket. Pull out a deck list that you copied directly from some ChannelFireball top 8 Standard discussion, and ask for all the cards, as is, on that list. Then, ask for some random, probably terrible cards from whatever set is Standard legal. Say it's tech for the upcoming changes in the metagame.


Pull out a deck, and tell some random dude you wanna test (you have to use the term "test" for this to work) for Standard. Make sure that deck contains Kitchen Finks and Alluring Siren. Maybe throw in Nyxathid for good measure.


Finally, before you leave, spill (make it look like an accident) one hundred singleton, random cards onto the floor. Pick them up, put them in a pile, and say "EEE-DEE-AYCH".


I know this sounds dumb at first, but it will work. With the method outlined above, you will draw the attention of players that play older formats by asking for cards that no one on Earth can reasonably afford. You will get the attention of the wanna-be pro, Stomp-n00bz players by pulling out a well known decklist and declare that you have "tech" to make it better. You will get the attention of all the kind, helpful players by seemingly not knowing the most common format by having non-Standard legal cards in a deck that you claim is Standard legal. Finally, you catch all the rest of the Magic players by saying "EEE-DEE-AYCH" (EDH (or Commander)).

And there you have it. You will be talking to more people than you would have wanted to talk to in no time.


Smoke_Stack wrote:

EDH is the best format anyway

See, it's starting already.


Break the Card
What is Break the Card?
Break the Card is a regular thread in the Cards and Combo Forum. Quite simply, the participants are given a Johnnystatic card (e.g. Xenograft) and are asked to build a deck around it. The winner and honorable mentions are sigged below. Get brewing!
Week 1 : Xenograft
This week's Break the Card was based around Xenograft. Thread : Winner : Axterix with his Vampdrazi deck. Finalist : Vektor480 with his Ally/Golem/Plant deck. Honorable mentions : Zammm for the Turntimber Ranger combo and TinGorilla for suggesting Sarkhan the Mad.
Week 2 : Mindlock Orb
Here's the link to the Mindlock Orb contest : Winner : Axterix with his Maralen of the Mornsong deck. Honorable mentions : Void_Elemental.
Week 3 : Bludgeon Brawl
Here's the link to Break the Card : Bludgeon Brawl : Winner : Vektor and his Grab the World deck. Finalist : Crandor with his Awesome Aliteration deck. Honorable mentions : RP Jesus with his Wat deck and Zix200 with his Signet Renewal deck.
Week 4 : Followed Footsteps
This week was Followed Footsteps : Winner : Tevish_Szat with his Exponential Growth deck. Honorable mentions : Zix with his Carbon Copies deck and Escef with his Fungus of Speed and Time deck.
Week 5 : Delaying Shield
This week's card was Delaying Shield : Winner : Tevish_Szat. Finalist : Vampire_Bat. Honorable Mention : Zix200.
Week 6 : Painter's Servant
This week's card was Painter's Servant : Winner : Tevish_Szat with his Paint it Black deck. Finalist : Wprundv with his Tiger, Tiger Painted Bright deck.
Week 7 : Venser, the Sojourner
This week's card was Venser, the Sojourner :,_the_Sojourner Winner : Izzett with her "Venser, Trickster Trader" deck. Finalist : Wprundv with his "Tactical Sojourner Action" deck.
Week 8 : Personal Sanctuary
This week's card was Personal Sanctuary : Winner : MrQuizzles. Honorable mention : Vampire_Bat and UbberSheep
Week 9 : Sundial of the Infinite
This week's card was Sundial of the Infinite : Finalist : Izzett with her "Afterlife Trespassers" deck. Winner : Xeromus with his "Fortune 500" deck.
Week 10 : Jace's Archivist
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Week 11 : Search the City
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Week 12 : Fiend Hunter
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Week 13 : Clock of Omens
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Week 14 : Light of Sanction
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Week 15 : Assemble the Legion
This week's card was Assemble the Legion : Winner : JBTM's "Some Assembly Required".
Week 16 : High Tide
This week's cards were High Tide and/or Bubbling Muck : Winner : Mown's "Puppet Strings".
Week 17 : Illusionist's Bracers
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Week 18 : Savor the Moment
This week's card was Savor the Moment : Winner : POSValkir's "A Savory Filibuster!"
Week 19 : Grinning Ignus
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Week 20 : Transcendence
This week's card was Transcendence : Winners : Mown's "Transcending Timing Restrictions" and Dknowle's "Blinded by Greed", tied for the win.
Week 21 : Mortus Strider
This week's card was Mortus Strider : Winner : SimonGlume's "Mortus Head".
Week 22 : High Priest of Penance
This week's card was High Priest of Penance : Winners : JBTM's "Two Clerics and a Goblin walk into a (Bom)bar(dment)..." and POSValkir1's "Choke Their Rivers with Our Dead!".
Week 23 : False Cure
This week's card was False Cure : Winner : Dknowle's "When Hippos Fly".

Week 24 : Akroan Horse

This week's card was Akroan Horse :

Winner : Dknowle's "Indian Giver".

Week 25 : Leylines

This week saw multiple cards being in the contest : all of the Leylines!

Winner : POSValkir1's "Laying the Battle Lines".

I could tell a few semi-interesting stories, but the big takeaway for me was that Rakdos was vastly underestimated.  It kicked it's fair share of ass, and Unleash was actually pretty effective. 

University of Charleston School of Pharmacy, Class of 2016

My Peasant Cube: A Cube for the Commoners

MVP for me was my Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage and luckily had 2 of them.  All you need to create your own personal army ;)
Went Azorius at the pre-release, wound up going undefeated for 6 rounds and placed first. Deck was a mix of flyers and detainers with backup from cards like Arrest and Paralyzing Grasp. Cyclonic Rift and Blustersquall won me more than a couple games.
I chose Izzet, though I suspect I would have fared better with Azorius.

Round 1: Selesnya - Lose 0 - 2
Round 2: Rakdos - Win 2 - 0
Round 3: Rakdos - Tie 1 - 1 - 1
Round 4: Selesnya - Lose 0 - 2

Final Score: 1 - 2 - 1
Final Place: 17 out of 20

Luck doesn't typically favor me; another guy who played Izzet managed to pull two Niv-Mizzet, Dracogeniuses and a Steam Vent, any of which I would have run if I'd been so fortunate. No, I get a Necropolis Regent I have no intentions of playing instead. On the upside, though I couldn't use it in the tournament, I did manage to trade a Dreadbore for a Mercurial Chemister. I also pulled Carnival Hellsteed, Cryptborn Horror, and a foil Deadbridge Goliath.

I could tell a few semi-interesting stories, but the big takeaway for me was that Rakdos was vastly underestimated.  It kicked it's fair share of ass, and Unleash was actually pretty effective. 

Most people seemed to think Rakdos was really good going into it, in my area.

And they were sort-of right. Rakdos had the most 4-0s of the guilds, and several 3-1s (though Selesnya got a lot of these), but it also had the most and 0-4s. I get the impression that it's a little bit temperamental; it doesn't often play a Control role very well, so you really need to get a good curve draw. If you don't kill them by Turn 7-8, you will often lose to their bombs unless you have something like Mortars or Rakdos Returns.

This is exacerbated greatly in Draft, from what I've seen. You get the perfectly curved Unleash deck and you'll blitz everyone, but if you get your key curve drops picked up by Golgari and Izzet splashers and you'll fall apart at the seams. It feels a lot like black in AVR draft, but nowhere near as terrible; if you're the only Rakdos player on the table, you'll crush the pod, but if you have to compete with the other players it'll suck.

I went 2-2 in both flights I played (Azorius and Izzet respectively, looking to collect cards I wanted from those Guilds; largely unsuccessfully). There weren't many interesting stories for it; at least 1.5 matches were lost to mana problems (either flood or colour-screw), and my opponents got unlucky in a similar way quite often. I think it's a bit anomalous given we were all running 17-18 lands and at least 2 fixers each.

Azorius (splash red) flight, played Rakdos (loss 1-2), Golgari (loss 0-2), Izzet (2-0 win; the guy was new and thought he had to run 60 cards; I didn't realise until afterwards, and helped him streamline his deck a lot), Selesnya (2-0 win).

Izzet (splash black) flight, played Izzet-B mirror (loss 1-2; my black was for a Launch party and Augur Spree; his was for Rakdos Revival, Ultimate Price, Augur Spree, and the 4-mana 6/6 Demon which I had no answer to and I landed Turn 5 both games 1 and 3), Rakdos (win 2-1, one game each was entirely mana screw, the second game was me on 3 lands for 5 turns, then him drawing nothing but land for 5 turns), Golgari (loss 0-2), Azorius (win 2-1).

Opened double Mortars, Overgrown Tomb, Sphinx's Revelation and Vraska among my prizes. Traded Vraska to my friend for Jace for my EDH deck, and traded a Sublime and a couple of other bits for my first two Supreme Verdicts for UWx Control.

Didn't get any Izzet Charms or Syncopates. Very weird. Also weird: There were people opening multiple shocklands, multiple Jace, Vraska+Lotleth Troll... but not a single Cyclonic Vortex was opened by anyone.
As expected there was no prerelease event nearby.
So I couldn't play.
That's my story, short and sad.
I envy y'all! Cry

But in 5 days is release, so I'll get my shipment of fresh new cards soon! <3
Went Azorius.

Played durdle lockdown with three Security Blockades, two Arrests, a Sphere of Safety and Isperia, Supreme Judge.  Went 4-0-1 and placed 3rd out of 18, never even drew my Archon of the Triumvirate in the 12 total games I played...
I showed up late, and because the penalty for doing so is a one match penalty, and you had to be at least 2-2 to win anything, I didn't play. Although, I traded in a snapcaster I pulled for some sweet loot for my Izeet EDH build, so I'm happy.
Woot! Go RED! I love red! Red is awesome! Did I mention I love red?
those personality things
Suprisingly enough, in that test, I'm not red I am White/Black
I am White/Black
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Why did you post it here? "Hey, all you guys who play this game! I'm not gonna play it!" "Umm... Ok, dude."
went azorius and was 3-1, dropping the last round. i was very pleased with the deck, and had a fantastic game m3g3. he had carnival hellsteed and some other 5/4, and i'd just attacked with archon of the triumvirate (detaining them both), and played another one. he overloaded cyclonic rift on his turn, and i was on 10 i think. i played a blocker, took 5, chumped one and avenging arrowed his hellsteed. i topdeck paralyzing grasp for his other 5/4 and managed to stabilise and get a flier in for his last couple of life a few turns later. might have been the best match i've played in sealed.

my friend also was staring down a board of huge dudes stolen from him with grave betrayal and a corpsejack menace out, easily lethal on board, with his opponent on 8. naturally, he topdecks a land, which lets him attack with hypersonic dragon and explosive impact for the kill.

also i got stomped match 2 by a dude that had wayfaring temple and armada wurm, it was pretty filthy. 
My favorite thing i did the entire night while playing Rakdos was to Lobber Crew for 1 with rakdos in play turn 5 dropping Carnival Hellstead they had a normal (not unleashed creature) and 12 life and were feeling safe until i Scavenged my slitherhead to their non-unleashed creature forcing no blocks and swinging in with 12 damage on turn 5 for the win...

Slitherhead was easily the winner in my rakdos deck due to the overwhelming number of rakdos members i faced the other matches were with azorious and Golgari (pulling 3 cremate kept the scavenge under control and azorious was heald at bay with the mass amount of removal i pulled) 
Golgari and Izzet were the most played in my store. I went Selesnya mostly because GW it's my 2nd favorite pair after GR. The white pool was decent and although green wasn't that good it has enough fixing to warrant an UB splash for bombs (Cyclonic Rift and Sphinx's Revelation). I almost had a good Rakdos deck but I feared it was too dependant on curving and stayed with a slow Selesnya deck looking to win the long game with Populate shenanigans.

I went 3-1-1 ending 8th of 34, losing and drawing in the mirror, which was annoying because it is too dependant on who draws the Grove of the Guardian and tends to go to time; I also was about to win a match on turns after bouncing all his permanents but he had the Fog to draw the game in spite of my alpha strike which leads to the question, isn't it a jerk move? When I won it was swiftly, and after playing I think the Selesnya promo was the best one. Sure, they can chump the token but it is fairly easy to set the token and keep mana open for an instant Populate card and blow them out even if they have removal at the ready (not that it mattered much because most removal is insanely narrow and expensive and thus easy to play around) and it's obviously insane if they don't and you start populating.

So far, I like the Limited environment. It still had some aspects I dislike such as the overall low thoughness of the mayority of cheap and middle costed creatures but it is slow enough to be able to go for the long game and plan for an attrition war, which is my favorite style of play. Dunno if draft is as slow but at least I'm willing to try.
If Limited gets in the way of printing good Constructed cards... Screw limited
Chose Azorius and went 4-1, only losing in the mirror to a deck with seemingly every bombtastic Azorius card (Isperia, Martial Law, Detention Sphere, Supreme Verdict, and of course the Archon), finishing 6th out of a staggering 116 people (at a midnight Pre-release, no less!).  If I learned anything about Azorius cards, it's that Martial Law into Supreme Verdict is certifiably nuts; I locked down a number of my games this way and had little to no trouble finishing off my opponent with little more than an Azorius Keyrune afterwards.

My store had a pretty even spread of guilds among the players, though Rakdos and Golgari seemed slightly more popular.  I've played in many Pre-releases and this was one of the more enjoyable ones in memory since the weakness of Sealed (reliance on the quality of your card pool) felt like it was mitigated by the idea of the guildpacks.  While they didn't ensure high-quality pools, I felt like the guild packs at least provided solid support for your chosen 2-color combination while leaving open the possibility of a third color splash, hence greatly reducing the possibility of getting stuck with a ridiculously underpowered pool and, subsequently, a weak deck.

If nothing else, this event leaves me looking forward to the Gatecrash Pre-release just because the experience was so great!
Got the cards I wanted (JUND) but not the results. Dear God, Selesnya is so insane. Risen Sanctuary is a huge PITA, when the only answer you have is one foil Launch Party. Used Corpsejack Menace with a bunch of unleash including the Carnival Hellsteed, also a Desecration Demon. Would've been great to get a Charm in the clear pack since I saw Collective Blessing in both Selesnya matches (did have one myself but with no color fixing / land fetches, couldn't go with 4 colors). But I did get an Abrupt Decay in the clear pack so I got my money's worth.
I chose Azorius and got 15/40, with 2-1-1.  Not bad, but it could have been better.  I got mana flooded in my loss, so it wasn't even a very fun game. I pulled a Dreadbore, a Blood Crypt, a Pithing Needle, a Hypersonix Dragon (I ended up using it playing American colors). Overall, I was impressed with my deck.  I think if we had gone to five or six rounds, I would've easily placed higher.
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I actually do have a few tidbits.  First, and most frustratingly, the card that seemed to give me the most trouble was Doorkeeper!  That stupid thing milled my Hypersonic Dragon more than once.  

I went Izzet obviously, and my games were wildly inconsistent.  In two matches, I seemed to draw all the answers right before I needed them.  It was awesome.  My two matches against Azorius were hard fought, even matches that always seemed to come down to some epic play at the last possible minute.  Anyway, here are a few things I learned.

- Guttersnipe is an MVP.  He works really well with Goblin Electromancer and Nivmagus Elemental. Just...bonkers.
- Detain is really powerful, annoying to play against, and kind of tough to remember.
- Unleash rocks in limited.
- Several cards with Overload are useful without it, but paying for Overload is easier with Goblin Electromancer.
- Charms rule.
- Stores should have some kind of mandatory policy on hygiene.  Seriously, everyone, take a shower before you come to something like this. 

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I picked Izzet. The prerelease before me picked so much Golgari that I never got to face one. Anyway I splashed black for powerful Unleash cards.

Was my first time playing a control deck, and believe me it's not easy in limited. Looking back I regret not using my 3 Lobber Crews.


18 Lands:
1 Transguild Promenade
2 Izzet Guildgate
5 Island
7 Mountain
3 Swamp

12 Creatures:
1 Goblin Electromancer
1 Stealer of Secrets
1 Gore-house Chainwalker
1 Grim Roustabout
1 Hellhole Flailer
1 Bloodfray Giant
1 Nivix Guildmage
1 Hypersonic Dragon
1 Carnival Hellstead
1 Dark Revenant
1 Rakdos Shred-Freak
1 Runewing

10 Spells:
1 Dispel
1 Cyclonic Rift
2 Essence Backlash
1 Izzet Charm
1 Explosive Impact
1 Inaction Injunction
1 Inspiration
2 Electrickery

The Rakdos, as I expected, were very powerful. So much that it was my unleashed creatures that won a lot of games :D
A lot of the Golgari I saw performed poorly. Then again there were a lot of Azorius in the prerelease too.
I won 2-2, but I don't mind. I won a Vraska Cool
I went Izzet. I was late so I got stuck in a smaller pod. I went 2-2, but I won both of the rounds where we played for packs. Cool

The store I went to had a promotion where if you played 5 different people with an intro pack, you get a free booster. So for my 50 bucks I netted 11 RtR boosters which was pretty neat.

In our little pod, it was Niv-Mizzet's day to shine. Out of our six people running Izzet, four Niv-Mizzets were pulled, one of which I pulled. Then, in my second hard-won pack, I pulled a second Dracogenius. All hail our mighty dragon parun!

I consider myself extremely lucky coming out of that tourney. I have a playable Izzet deck made possible through trades, including three Steam Vents and two Mizzium Mortars.

All in all, a great prerelease. Very fun.
I went Azorius and my best game came with both the guild mages from selesnya and azorius

In one turn  I manage to tap the creature of my opponet and made a centaur 3/3 with the guildmage then next turn I detain his creature and swing with both the guild mages and the centaur as with the detain he couldn't  attack next turn, he put a blocker and pass the turn to try to block my attack next turn

and I populate two times for 2 more centaurs, untap and drop my 10th land, detain one blocker and then detain the other  and swing for 13 to win! previous to that I could only manage to defend my position, so he was 20 life by then.

In a game i went against vraska and a populate deck, he only ramps her to the 7 counters and break her for the assasins, but it was unnecesary as he already had won because he had the temple that populate and had 1/1 birs chump blocking everything from the 3 assasins the temple was an 8/8 and then I concede! they will never get me! ahaha! 

I got a very good time with detention, it was very fun, my only regret is that I never managed to play the promo, the times I draw it the game ended before I got the mana for him, guess it was my fault as I played many evasive creatures Laughing

Played Selesnya to a 6-0 finish, won a bunch of packs, sold three to a guy for $5/piece. He opened Vraska and foil Worldspine -.-

Thankfully I got a couple land and abrupt decay in my other prizes thought the only other mythic was Jarad.

Oh, story right... got a turn four kill. Turn 2 Fencing Ace, turn three Common Bond attack for 6. He Painful Stabs it, turn 4 I attack and double giant growth. He wasn't impressed. I had two Bonds, two Growths, Selesnya Charm and Might in my deck so Fencing Ace was a bomb all day.
Grow old or die trying.

I was playing Golgari and had literally eaten through my competition for the first four rounds of the tournament.  In round five I got paired down and laid low by a Selesnya deck that was cranking out 8/8 tokens like it was Christmas.  The games were close but, in the end, I just could keep up against an army of walking citadels of doom.  As luck would have it, in round six I got paired up against the only guy left in the shop that had a 5/0 record (the guy that beat me had lost to him a round earlier).  If I beat him I would actually have a shot at getting first once tiebreakers were computed since we weren't cutting to the top because the tourney had dragged on long enough and we all had other places to be.  All three games were incredibly close.  The last game saw me at five life and declaring my attack phase with lethal damage on the field and both his creatures (multi-color fliers totaling five power) tapped after destroying his one and only mono-color blocker with Ultimate Price.  Victory was within reach.....and then he cast the last card in his hand; an overloaded Cyclonic Rift, tapping all of my creatures.

I walked away without first place that day. 

@mikemearls The office is basically empty this week, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for low shenanigans

@mikemearls In essence, all those arguments I lost are being unlost. Won, if you will. We're doing it MY way, baby.

@biotech66 aren't you the boss anyway? isn't "DO IT OR I FIRE YOU!" still an option?

@mikemearls I think Perkins would throat punch me if I ever tried that. And I'd give him a glowing quarterly review for it.

Sadly, I'm going to be negative to start:  I disliked the format.  Nothing guarantees you playing the colours of the guild you chose even with the guild pack, but there sure were a lot of people relying on their guild promos to carry them.  To me it was less fun than playing the Mirrodin Beseiged when the faction packs came out.

That said, I chose Rakdos, Selesnya and Golgari.  I did the best with golgari at 3-2 (lost to the luckiest guy alive who drew his 3 removal spells in the first 5 turns of the game to win both games).  On a positive note, the mechanics were very nice, populate was very powerful with the sorcery for a 3/3 centaur being a superstar with Sundering Growth.  Overload was very good but not nearly as powerful as scavenge and populate.  Detain made for games going to time, though, or maybe it was the pool of players being slow.

Good grief, Rakdos made games quick, with lots of removal. 

One thing I did notice about my packs though:

Rakdos - 2 x Hallowed Fountains
Golgari - 2 x Isperia and 2x Abrupt Decay and 2 x Death's Essence (6cmc green enchantment)
Selesnia - 2 x Epic Experiment. 

Some of the pack pulls were a bit off.  Someone at my LGS cracked 2x Vraska out of the packs.  Did anyone else have this experience?

Trading -

Trading on the day was... unique.  I traded my 2 hallowed fountains for a 5thdawn Crucible of Worlds.  Traded for a bunch of vintage and legacy stuff.   So odd.  Anyone willing to help me out by trading me a Mishra's Workshop I would appreciate it.  All I have for it is an Excellent Mox Jet (mid range).   
I played Rakdos. The stars of my deck were rakdos, lord of riots and ash zealot I went 2 and 2. Although I traded my Rakdos for an armada wurm straight up at the end of the night. The wurm was my most wanted card so that was the highlight of the evening for me.

Pulling two Deathrite Shamans out of the seven packs I got was pretty sweet too though.
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I was playing Golgari and had literally eaten through my competition for the first four rounds of the tournament. 

People literally overuse the word "literally."  I suspect that you did not actually consume human beings on your path to near-victory.  Boy, will there be egg on my face if I find that you did! 

I will say that multi-colored sets provide certain challenges in Limited.  I thought my pulls were strong enough to strictly Izzet, but in hindsight I should have splashed white for Detention Sphere and Azorius Charm.  Winning a game with Essence Backlash was pretty cool, though. 

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Played centaur herald, on the draw...thought id have a laugh with my opponent and attack for 0 the turn after, he charms a 2/2 in and kills it, was not impressed i then proceeded to brutally punish his every newbi mistake.
I showed up early at the event intent on participating. After I got in the store I found out that they decided a week or so before the event to start pre-selling spots. They had sold out the tournament 3 or 4 days before it. At starting time there were several of the guild kits, and hence spots in the tournament, still waiting for people that may not have ever shown up for them. They had a second, smaller, tournament later in the day, but that was sold out days ahead of time as well. I was informed that there were still spots available for a Two-Headed Giant tournament the next day, but I was unable and unwilling, at that point, to attend.
I was at the store a little more than a week before. They had several advertisements for the tournament, but not a single one of them mentioned any pre-selling of spots for it. I even checked the website of the store the night before, and it didn't mention anything. I have about a half hour of driving time to make it to the store, so I wasted time and gas trying to participate. Also after I arrived there were at least a dozen people that I overheard being rejected from participating due to the pre-sale of the tournament. If they had done pre-sales early enough I imagine they could have tried to arrange for a larger tournament, or other tournaments. At the very least they could have tried to inform people that it was full before arriving at the store. I would have been disappointed had I arrived and the tournament was full of people, but as it is the situation just makes me angry.
I had to roll dice whether I win a or lose a game to my own volatile rig. I won. Too bad it wasn't decisive game but my second game after being 1-0 up, but still random elements  can be hilarious.
"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." Proud member of the Rakdos guild

People literally overuse the word "literally."  I suspect that you did not actually consume human beings on your path to near-victory.  Boy, will there be egg on my face if I find that you did!

I am a part-time cannibal. 

@mikemearls The office is basically empty this week, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for low shenanigans

@mikemearls In essence, all those arguments I lost are being unlost. Won, if you will. We're doing it MY way, baby.

@biotech66 aren't you the boss anyway? isn't "DO IT OR I FIRE YOU!" still an option?

@mikemearls I think Perkins would throat punch me if I ever tried that. And I'd give him a glowing quarterly review for it.

I was able to play in 4 events over the weekend and overall I had a ton of fun. I was able to try out all of the guilds except for Selesnya. My favorite was Rakdos by far, which is really not like me since I usually like playing Azorious colors. When I opened my guild pack I got Rakdos, Lord of Riots, and in my other packs I pulled Rakdos's Return, three Rakdos gates, two Rakdos Cackler's, two Annihilating Fire's, two Auger Spree's a Dreadbore, and a whole bunch of unleash creatures. It was pretty crazy to get all that. In 5 rounds I went 4-1, losing only to another Rakdos deck where I got mana flooded.
Nothing special for me.. Didnt make top 8 after 3 tries. I was the true winner though, pulled a Foil Jace, Architect of Thought . Sold it for 50$ cash.
I was selfless and terrible at the same time, but it was worth it. I lost my game 1 to..... Rakdos despite the newer player.

My 1 win was an izzet mirror match.

This was my crowning point for me. My brother ended up sitting at 1-1 like me at this point, he beat me game 1, we "play" a little game 2 in which I was just..... barreling over him with Niv-Mizzet. I then decide to scoop to give him a winning chance as he was playing Golgari.

Game 3 was a loss, but an absolutely hilarious one considering the way he acted and stuff. Pretty darned enjoyable.

So my "gambit" (read : concede) in game 2 payed off, with my brother going 3-1, opening 6 packs (6 packs to what MIGHT have been $8 store credit had we both went 2-2). Lo and behold, he opens up..... Rakdos, Lord of Riots, Jace, Architect of Thought, and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord in his 1st 3 packs. As well as opening up Lotleth Troll, Rakdos's Return, and a Blood Crypt in his regular draft pool. So yeah, good night for him and for me.
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I currently run a deck for Standard, Modern, Commander and Legacy. For standard, I have a typical, horribly budget Rakdos Deck Wins. For Modern, I have a B/G/U/W Draw-go Reanimator featuring my favorite creature, Wurmcoil Engine. For Legacy, I'm trying too hard to break Pyromancer Ascension. I also run a Naya Zoo with all the oldies. For Commander/EDH, I'm running The Mimeoplasm. A little morals thing about me, I like winning through combos, but not infinitely. However quiet, I am a Christian, so feel free to tell me you are too, it's always a relief.
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my boyfriend and I played the 2-headed giant format; him with Golgari and myself with Azorius. Overall it was a lot of fun and we played some solid games... Then the last person we played against tried to get us to throw the game! We had lost anyway due to my bf's deck stalling out to no end. Afterwards we told the judge. While we didn't place, but we did get a pair of FNM foils to compensate for that douchebag.

Oh, and even though he technically went 4-0, they counted that game as a loss for him as well

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I went Izzet at the prerelease and went 2-3, mainly due to my reluctance to splash a third color.  However, I bought a leftover Azorius guild pack yesterday and this thing would've won the whole thing for me, not to mention paid for itself.  Decent money rares were Steam Vents, Trostani, Selesnya's Voice and Utvara Hellkite.  And in terms of being a great sealed pool, it just had all of the efficient creatures and removal I could have ever wanted, and plenty of firepower to splash red.  *sigh*

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I lost a lot of games when my opponent slammed a Stab Wound on my unleashed Splatter Thug.


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I lost a lot of games when my opponent slammed a Stab Wound on my unleashed Splatter Thug.

Stab Wound was a really great card for me to.  Especially liked playing it on Armory Guard.
I only went 2-2, but having never played in a prerelease and this being only my second Magic the Gathering event, I feel relatively hopeful I'll do better at the next one. I went Azorius, and don't recall anything I drew being too particularly noteworthy, seemed like my brother drew a bunch of the cards I would have liked. First game was probably the most noteworthy. I played against another Azorius, and won the first match by milling him, lost the second match, and the tiebreaker I won with the fillibuster Azorius card. Second match I lost, though aside from one bad judgment call (I had Supreme Verdict and my Archon in hand, and should have gone Verdict then Archon, went the other way and lost due to it I imagine, or at least lost faster) I don't think it would have gone all that differently. I did win one match though (I believe just due to damage), so the possibility of winning the overall round there seemed possible. I believe she was a Golgari, but I can't remember off the top of my head. Third time I went up against an Izzet. Won first round by virtue of him not drawing enough mana as near as I can tell, lost second round (can't remember why off the top of my head), and won third round (might have been partially due to milling). Was some fun points, since I got to counter counterspells, or other fun little interplays, probably my most enjoyable match overall. Fourth I just lost flat 0-2. He had an Angel he kept getting out and I didn't have anything to get rid of it. I managed to get it away one time, but didn't realize it just came back to my hand, and all I had done was return his Angel to his hand. He'd bring it in then attack me as I'm defenseless (never had too many creatures out at a time). I don't think I could have done much to take him out, maybe press an early game advantage, but all in all was very fun still.
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