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Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


I would use Bonesplitter and Loxodon Warhammer instead of the equipment you have there. Well, unless you're just using those equipment because they are human themed.

Bonds of Faith is a really good option for this deck. In fact I think you got a lot better options than Pacifism, Chastise, and Divine Verdict for removal. You can try the formerly mentioned Bonds, Oust, Temporal Isolation, Oblivion Ring, Faith's Fetters, Prison Term, and Martial Law.

I don't really see the point of Freewind Equenaut.

Gideon's Lawkeeper outclasses Master Decoy.

Thraben Sentry seems a little high costed for the deck, especially with all the equipment.

Nearheath Pilgrim would be a better source of lifegain than Soul Warden.

Champion of the Parish, Student of Warfare, and Elite Vanguard are prime one mana creatures. They go really well with Mentor of the Meek and Ranger of Eos.

Fencing Ace, Silverblade Paladin, and Puresteel Paladin are really solid with all the equipment you run.

Fiend Hunter is a good replacement for some of the Pacifisms and stuff like that, since it's a creature.

Accorder Paladin and Mikaeus, the Lunarch are pretty solid. They get better as you run more creatures. Thraben Doomsayer can help you make lots of creatures.

Knight of the White Orchid is personally my favorite Knight. It's a solid body that gets you a free land, and usually white aggro decks are fairly land light so it helps.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Grand Abolisher are good against control decks.

War Priest of Thune is good against enchantments.

Icatian Javelineers is good against small creatures.

Knight of the Holy Nimbus is good against removal.

Azorius Arrester is decent against creature based strategies.

Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


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