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As the title says:

Cheap/fast all-common beats to kill them before they kill me. Dross Golem included to get around anti-black stuff.

How's it look?

I'm going to give you a warning. I've seen decks like this and they really just roll over to any strategy that plays a fair amount of removal. You end up casting Dark Ritual to cheat stuff out early and attaching things like Unholy Strength to your guys for speed, but in the end you just set yourself up to lose card advantage easily. Black really just doesn't have the required speed in its creature base to push decks hard enough.

This is why I suggest going for the persistant angle. Cards like Dregscape Zombie and Chittering Rats that put your opponent behind if they remove them. If you run enough critters that can get you some good value then Unearth can become good. Carrion Feeder is a one mana guy that makes any removal spell your opponent plays targetting another creature unprofitable for them.

Also Order of the Ebon Hand is better than Dross Golem against white I think. Fight hatebears with hatebears.