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So I want to make an Ocean themed Cleric for my next 3.5 campaign. The problem is; I am only allowed to use the Player's Handbook 1. So I don't have access to StormWrack or any other source book.

So what I was thinking was making a Human Cleric of Obad-Hai with either Water/Travel or Water/Animal domains.

I am thinking of equipping him with a Trident,a Large Shield, a net (maybe a bit too gladiatorial?), and he wears Scale Mail. Alternative; Scale Mail and a Ranseur and specialize in disarming?

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.
My only suggestion to your outlines is that metal armor like that (though thematically, scales goes with fish) was rarely ever worn on ship-board.  Leather armor at most, due to the chance of being thrown over-board during a storm, or just diving in to retrieve somebody/something else.  Even the conquistadors stowed and stored their breastplates and helms during voyages, donning them only when ashore.

Of course, this is a fantasy world.  So once you have some spell to keep you from sinking like a rock and drowning immediately, that becomes a moot point.
Instead of worshipping a deity, you could also just worship the concept of ocean (water & air are what I would use).
To add to what Neue said: remember that the skill check penalty for armor is doubled for swim checks. And it should be mentioned that Swim isn't a class skill for clerics, even the ones who have the water domain. That means that your maxed level 1 Swim skill check (with the equipment you mentioned is Str mod -10. Skip the shield (or use a smaller one) and stick with nothing heavier than studded leather.
You may also want to consider playing a Druid instead; they have Swim as a class skill.
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There are certainly a number of Clerical Domains that would work with an Ocean going campaign but I'd definitely be looking for options because of how poorly armor works at sea.

In all honesty, I'd also look very strongly at Druid (especially in core only) for a seafairing campaign.
Perhaps a Sai, and call it a hand trident.

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