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My girlfriend got me a 4e PHB for my birthday (Because she loves me Laughing) and I'm trying to write out some characters, but my new (ie: hand-me-down) printer will not print sheets correctly. It blurs out page 1 and cuts off the bottom (exactly at the Nature skill), and this is with the PDF right off the WotC website. I've updated my drivers, re-installed the printer, updated my Reader, and even converted the file to .xps and tried again. I think the problem is simply the fact that my printer is described as compatible with Windows 3.1/95/98 lol

It seems capable of printing anything except PDFs (and coupons, but wrong forum) just fine. So my question is, does any one have a version of the 4e character sheet as an image file, or otherwise a very good .doc file of a sheet?

If this doesn't work, this this
Unfortunately, neither of those help me. The first one is the PDF I'm already using, and the second one demands a $20 membership, and if I had the spare money to throw at character sheets, I'd just copy the one in the back of the PHB for a lot less.

But thank you for your assistance.
Weelll ... given the cost of ink, you might be better off copying the sheet instead of printing it.
Not to sound too snarky, but...
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