Record of Lodoss Wars

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Since you re-released AD&D 1st edition, maybe there's something else you can do:

In 1986 Group SNE began this campaign of Dungeons & Dragons that later became what we know as Record of Lodoss Wars.

Anyway, there was a campaign setting either for the original D&D or the system called Sword World which was never released in America. There was also Replays which were transcripts of the RPG sessions.

Supposedly SNE offered their campaign to TSR, but due to their policy, whatever that was, it was refused.

So maybe you (Wizard) could rectify the situation and finally release the setting for Record of Lodoss War and maybe possibly even the Replays too? Maybe release it as a 5th edition setting, the original (or maybe BOTH?) ;)

What do you think?
Man I loved Record of Lodoss War, probably THE best depiction of D&D I've ever seen. I'd love to see it, but I won't hold my breath. There is a Fuzion system version somebody put together that's pretty awesome and wouldn't be hard to use to make a Next version.
I'm thinking about using that setting with 4E.
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