Need Help trying to balance out a swamp deck NEED HELP!!!!!

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ok so 1st things 1st I want to make a swamp deck that gets straight to the point that starts up quick and beats down 
ok so 1st things 1st I want to make a swamp deck that gets straight to the point that starts up quick and beats down to address the 2nd and 3rd things.

2nd) What is your Budget?
3rd) Do you have any Format or Legality restrictions?

Do you have any cards already selected? Do you have any mechanics you wish to intergrate into the deck?

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Diregraf Ghoul: 2/2.
Vampire Lacerator: 2/2 that sometimes deals damage to you.
Carnophage: 2/2 that deals damage to you.
Rakdos Cackler: 2/2 that can't block.
Carrion Feeder: A guy that eats any guys who are going to be destroyed anyway.

Bloodghast: Good recursion, great with fetchlands.
Dregscape Zombie: One shot recursion.
Nantuko Shade: A very easily pumped shade.
Dauthi Horror: Unblockable creature.
Gloom Surgeon: Doesn't get hurt by creatures or burn.
Oona's Prowler: 3/1 flier that your opponent can make smaller, good if you need a way to discard things.
Skittering Skirge: 3/2 flier that is a good final creature to play.
Gatekeeper of Malakir: 2/2 with the ability to Diabolic Edict your opponent by casting it for three mana.

Hypnotic Specter: Continuous hand disruption.
Vampire Nighthawk: Good against aggro decks.
Chittering Rats: Really good one shot hand disruption.
Phyrexian Rager: Draw.

Dark Ritual

Inquisition of Kozilek: Gets early plays.
Duress: Snags annoying spells.
Hymn to Tourach: Brutal random discard.

Phyrexian Arena: Allows you to keep drawing threats throughout the game.
Sign in Blood: Cheap Divination, can also hit your opponent to finish them off.
Viscera Dragger: Just cycles, but then gives you a decent creature to unearth once.

Snuff Out: Free alternative cost.
Dismember: Cheap, kills most things.
Disfigure: Deals with small things at instant speed.
Dead Weight: Deals with small things, shrinks bigger things.
Smother: Kills early plays.
Sorin's Thirst: Burn.
Geth's Verdict: Gets around shroud, protection from black, indestructable, etc. Deals damage to your opponent.
Doom Blade: Kills everything that isn't black.
Go for the Throat: Kills everything that isn't an artifact.
Ultimate Price: Kills everything that isn't multicolored.
Victim of Night: Kills everything but Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies.

Sideboard options
Withered Wretch: Deals with graveyard based strategies.
Yixlid Jailer: Deals with graveyard based strategies.
Vampire Hexmage: Deals with counters, which is useful against Planeswalkers.

Some expensive options
Dark Confidant: Much better than Arena since it attacks and is cheaper.
Sinkhole: Prime land disruption.
Gravecrawler: A creature who can be recurred easily depending on what other creatures you run.
Phyrexian Obliterator: Only four mana but is a 5/5 with pseudounblockable.
Liliana of the Veil: Three mana planeswalker that provides continuous hand disruption and deals with creatures.

I probably missed some stuff, but there's a lot to work with.

thank you @sleeping gonna have to check out those cards at frank & sons, right now im working with a lot of cards from the 2013 core set 

@azazel budget is not a problem, the type im working with just basic gameplay might hit up local shops for tournaments if I can get this deck beefed up

When he said "swamp deck" I was thinking along the lines of Lashwrithe, Nightmare, Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, Liliana of the Dark Realms, Corrupt, Cabal Coffers, Magus of the Coffers, Drain Life, Consume Spirit  Nightmare Lash, Mutliate

as opposed to "black deck".
I doubt it. It is very common for new players to call Green "Forest" and such. Most people who wanted what you described would probably say something like "Swamps matter deck". The guy wanted a deck that could beat down quickly, almost all Swamps matter cards are either control focused or midrange beaters.