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Hey there everyone. Since I feel it is a quintessential part of D&D, and helps make the world feel more alive, I have put together a list of things I feel could happen when the PC's are out and about in the world of Athas. Basically, whenever they travel, the DM rolls percentiles, and based on the result of the roll, something happens.

I've created a list of basic encounters, which are standard, normal things, each with a 3% chance of happening. Then I have a list of special encounters, which are rare and unique; they have a 2% chance of happening. Then for everything else, there's a 31% chance of wandering monsters that the PC's will encounter (I'm about to go through all the monster manuals to create the list of possible monsters).

There are a few home-made things in the list, but you can come up with whatever you like for them, or just replace them with something else, or take them out altogether.

I haven't yet put exact numbers to each one, and I haven't written the in-depth descriptions/narrations of each of the events, but I intend to. I just wanted to give you guys this list in case you wanted to work off of it. Be sure to post any additions you have to either type of encounter in this thread, or just any ideas you have about the encounters in general! 

Special Random Encounters have a 2% chance of happening (24% total)

  1. Glass sentries (Homebrewed thing; golems made of glass hardened by the heat of the sun that wander the desert for an unknown reason)

  2. Mirage

  3. Monks of the Desert Path (Typical spiritual monks for Athas, come up with what you will for them)

  4. Hidden Oasis

  5. Troupe of Bards

  6. Sandstorm Hits

  7. Hermit's Hideout, he shouts at caravans in some incomprehensible language

  8. Belgoi (either an attack or they just hear their bells)

  9. In the distance, a figure garbed in green and blue watches, but when a gust of wind passes, he vanishes (an Eladrin primal guardian from the Land Within The Wind watching them as they pass by)

  10. A giant in the distance

  11. In the distance, a megapede breaks over the sand before diving back in.

  12. Ssuran hunting group

 Basic Random Encounters have a 3% Chance of happening (45% total)

  1. Broken down or abandoned caravan

  2. Wandering hermit

  3. Clutch of Thri-Kreen

  4. Shayateen (Sand Demon) (home brewed thing for my game, come up with what you will for this one)

  5. Group of Templars

  6. Roaming pack of Baazrag

  7. Traveling caravan

  8. Slave caravan

  9. Elven Caravan

  10. A cloud ray flies overhead

  11. Herd of Crodlu

  12. Slavehunter Team

  13. Herd of Inixes

  14. Pack of Jhakar

  15. Kestrekal Flock passes overhead 

With 4E, I'm not a fan of the random encounters leading to a fight (just because it's long to resolve), but I like it when it bring roleplay, rewards,  or testing opportunity.

Anyway, good job Kiljoy !

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