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Just got me a Child of Alara!

So far I'm looking at all of my Totem Armor and my Darksteel Myr to have dudes after I sac the baby.
I considered going with a ton of mana denial to get a big bad lock but that would get torn to shreds by the third game in my group. What I'm having trouble determining is where I really want to go with this deck outside of totem armor and stuff like Vivisection to kill the baby. 

I plan on doing my best to turn Child into All is Dust on a stick with the likes of Reanimate and Dread Return. But I can't decide if I want to go in the direction of Dredge to help the Life from the loam I'm almost certainly going to run in addition to getting fatties in the yard for reanimating; or play my creatures and let the ones I can't protect die to trigger stuff like Rage Thrower and Fecundity.

What do you guys think??

P.S. Eldrazi Monument
Getting child back out of the yard is the issue... Grim harvest maybe?


Sigil of the New Dawn and Genesis are good for recurring the baby!


for black can look into Strands of Night and Phyrexian Reclamation even Tortured Existence 
Disturned Burial with no sac outlets is nice with the buyback 
In terms of bringing baby back I have Haunted Crossroads and Golgari Thug so far. If I go with dredging Undertaker seems good. Strands of Night. Never seen that one before. I think I'm in love. All good suggestions though. Besides that I have a TON of one-shot Reanimate effects and I intend to buy Unburial Rites.
Volrath's stronghold


Volrath's stronghold


Oh my mana! that's perfect. Loam grabs it, baby ignores it. THANK YOU! 

Ouch though, that's like $20.00... 
20 is very fair for it. You might find it for 15 if you look hard enough.


I agree that it's a fair price. However, I don't think I can afford to drop $20 on a commander only card. If I ever see a good opportunity I'll pounce.
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