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Last month in Dragon: Meet the many clones of Manshoon. Learn the songs of sorcery. Play a Fang of Zehir, god of murder. Infiltrate the golden ranks of the Aurum. Beware a dangerous caravan that haunts the deserts of Athas. Here now are a full set of the illustrations from Dragon 415!

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Very curious...  When this article was first posted, it had more pictures in it than it does now!  In particular was a Wayne Reynolds piece with two characters, one of which was a green-eyed eladrin woman weilding a short sword/spear.  She's currently the thumbnail for the article on the front page.  But when you go to the gallery, that piece isn't there anymore!  I can't find it in any of the month's articles, either, so I'm assuming it was for something that got cancelled.  I'm bummed, it was a great piece, REALLY wishing I had downloaded the gallery before it got pulled...

And since they edited the gallery, you'd think they'd change the thumbnail, too. 
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