Advice on red artifact deck please

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These so far are the cards I have chosen, but I have not built my own deck before so some advice would be nice. Especially since this is my first Commander deck.
Edit: made some changes

Urabrask the Hidden 

Scoria Elemental  
Ogre Resister   
Kuldotha Ringleader   
Oxidda Daredevil  
Kuldotha Flamefiend   
Blade-Tribe Berserkers   
Hoard-Smelter Dragon    
Spiraling Duelist   
Hellfire Mongrel  
Fire Dragon   
Balefire Dragon    
Borgarden Hellkite    
Dragon Whelp    
Ryusei, the Falling Star     
Phyrexian Juggernaut    
Lumengrid Gargoyle    
Stonework Puma    
Razorfiled Rhino    
Oxidda Golem    
Iron Myr     
Psychosis Crawler    
Rusted Slasher   
Hermatite Golem    
Perilous Myr     
Signal Pest     
Hexplate Golem   
Furnace Celebration  
Heat Wave  

Assault Strobe   
Molten Psyche    
Cerebral Eruption    
Rift Bolt   
Concussive Bolt   
Galvanic Blast 
Burn the Impure
Annihilating Fire   
Barbed Lightning  
Battle Hymn 
Golden Urn  
Trigon of Rage   
Adaptive Automaton   
Contagion Clasp   
Panic Spellbomb  

Accorder's Shield 
Viridian Claw  
Bladed Pinions 
Silverskin Armor  
Akroma's Memorial  
Flayer Husk     

Great Furnace


So, I tried to balance out creatures and sorcery but with 100 cards like this it makes it a bit difficult to really know and it's red (I have only a blue/white deck so far and I've been playing it for a bit over a year now)
First time on the forums, so I didn't know you could do that >.> DO you do that? Wait, I figured it out.
Oh, I must have written down the wrong one in regards to Kokusho.
And thanks for the headsup on Horizon Spellbomb.

Hm, I should decide on what I want to do with it. I was thinking aggro, or maybe like aggro-combo kind of thing. So, I just need to know if perhaps the deck has too many cards that cost a lot, and if the balance of cards is off, or something like that.
You really need to get a few games under your belt to get a feel for a deck.

Without a baseline on your meta it's hard to make suggestions. There are a number of cards I think are underwhelming, but if theyre performing well theres no need to change them.


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