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I was using the Character builder and went to load one of my saved characters. The screen flashed and all my characters were gone. In their place is three characters I have never seen before: Alek, lvl 1 Human Monk; Amnon, lvl 3 Tiefling Battlemind; Arliss Battle-born, lvl 18 Eladrin Warlord.

If I try to load one of them, or make a new character, I get an unknown error.

I've restarted Character Builder. Same.

I've logged out, cleared cookies and logged back in. Same.

Any ideas what might have happened and how do I get my characters back?


Never mind.

They're back.

Still wonder what happened, though.

Likely the wires got crossed in the database that stores the characters.  My recommendation is to export all of your characters and save them on your hard drive somewhere.  That way, if something /does/ happen and your characters are lost, you can restore them from your own backup.

I do this all the time because I enjoy making characters.  I'll just save them off to my drive to clear off spots to make new ones when I have ideas I want to try out.
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