GU Shorecrasher and Snapcaster

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Just a deck idea I thought up the other day, untested.  Though control-y, It aims to mess their tempo and win fast with efficient creatures and synergy.

4 birds of paradise
4 noble hierarch
4 shorecrasher mimic
4 snapcaster mage
4 remand
1 coiling oracle
2 nulltread gargantuan
2 dismember
3 cold-eyed selkie
1 snakeform
4 mystic snake
4 cryptic command
1 garruk wildspeaker

4 misty rainforest
3 hinterland harbor
1 pendelhaven
1 blinkmoth nexus
3 flooded grove
4 Forest
6 Island

The mana curve goes up to 4 only, so this definitely needs testing.  I think snapcaster helps that not matter though, and null tread and shorecrasher are potentially plenty game winning with enough field control.  garruk seems awesome, he opens up two mana for counter or whatever.  i can counter their attempts at his life and get 3/3's, and mystic snake also helps me have bodies out.  if anything I would consider her awesomeness - eternal witness.

feedback appreciated.  I dont mind if it's, ahem, "very constructive."