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Instant Uncommon
All effects with a duration end immediately.
(Effects with a duration include the word "until".)

Seemed pretty blue to me. I'd have it just stop EOT effects, but this stops detain and a few other effects, too. What do you think?
My gut tells me this is a terrible idea.

Does dmaage count? 
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Moriok Rigger does absolutely nothing to boost other riggers. You are incorrect.
Moriok Rigger is not a Rigger in print. Only in Errata WHAT NOW! (yes, I did put that phrase in for that exact reason)
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Technically, even something like Goblin Chieftain's ability has a duration. I have no idea how to phrase this effect so that it works sensibly. Using Staying Power as an example (it's the best we have)...

All "until" and "as long as" effects end.
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How about this:

End the turn.   The player whose turn was ended takes an extra turn after this one, starting with the first phase skipped in the last turn (For example, if _____ was played during the precombat main phase, the new turn would begin with the combat phase).
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Rush, I would never make magic cry. Magic players on the other hand...

Ok, how about a simpler version?

Instant Uncommon
All non-damage effects that would normally last until end of turn, end immediately instead.

Closer? I think of this as a blue counter to giant growth and the like
Make it abilities instead of effects. Im not sure what effects means in magic but abilties also covers spells. And can never cover damage.
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You know, I'm not certain that the card as originally worded doesn't work.  Goblin Chieftain's static ability (and most other static abilities) does not have a duration.  The ability goes away because it stops existing, not because it turned off.
You could just word it "End all effects."

Since it's a one-shot effect itself, all effects from static abilities on permanents will apply again as soon as it resolves. This would end all "until..." effects, clone effects, and some more.

@theis: Abilities don't have a duration, so they can't be ended.
So... The simpler wording? It seemed the most intuitive to me. Also, is it game breaking in any way? Do you like it?
I don't think it breaks anything. It would probably only affect:

Copy effects
Control-changing effects
Text-changing effect
Type-changing effects
Color-changing effects
Ability-adding and ability-removing effects
Power- and/or toughness-changing effects

And I kinda like the card cause I designed it before (in white and with the wording "End all effects."), but it would probably never be printed by Wizards.