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So when I feel my interest piqued, I'm going through the old LFR adventures on my computer and combing through them for interesting flavour and lore. These adventures did contain some good flavour and so I'm hoping to utilise it in future Forgotten Realms campaigns myself. However I'm rolling the clock back on the timeline for the Forgotten Realms (how much I'm rolling it back yet, I don't know) and so I'm particularly interested in the historical flavour that these adventures contain. I figure I'm not the only one who might be interested, so I thought I would share the fruits of my labour here.

Every once in a while I'll offer a spotlight on some flavour I've retrieved from the LFR modules. It could be a person, organisation, city, country or maybe even a magical item that has a lot of historical lore. It will be presented in an edition neutral fashion so that no matter when your Forgotten Realms campaign is set, hopefully you can make use of the information contained within the Spotlight.

Spotlight on the Thanterim Family

The Thanterim family were an Urmlaspyran merchant family that were closely aligned with the Church of Tymora. The Thanterims were quite successful, owning deeds, shares and loans in companies. However this all ended when Urmlaspyr rebelled against the Shadovar in 1409 DR for banning all religions except Shar. Amidst the fighting the family fled to Suzail.

By 1479 their fortunes had dwindled to nothing with the only member of the family still alive being Deskyr Thanterim. His father, Hersir Thanterim had died only recently, leaving his son with a massive debt. At this time Deskyr Thanteirm does have the key to his family's ancestral vaults, but he lacks the funds to mount such a dangerous expedition to recover the family's fortunes.

Notable Thanterims

  • A matriarch who bequeathed her oldest son to survive the rebellion of Urmlaspyr the key to Thanterim vaults. She died shortly afterwards.

  • The oldest heir to survive the Urmlaspyr rebellion after the matriarch died. He was only a child at this time. His son was Hersir Thanterim.

  • Hersir Thanterim liked to spend big and live large. He had only one son named Deskyr Thanterim.

  • Deskyr Thanterim is the son of Hersir Thanterim and is the only member of the Thanterim family still alive by 1479. One item Deskyr does have in his possession is the key to the family vaults. Deskyr owns expensive clothes, but the only jewelry he has is a golden signet ring. He keeps a well groomed beard while atop his head is short brown hair.

Family Estate

The Estate was located in Urmlaspyr. It contained a family crypt with the entrance to the family vaults located nearby. Near the crypt was also a shrine to Tymora which included a statue of the goddess.

The passageways leading to the vault included a variety of traps and guardians. These protective measures included pit traps, magical crossbow turrets along with such homonculi as clay scouts and iron cobras. However the vaults also included statues of previous Thanterim lords and ladies, garbed in expensive clothing. Many of these were destroyed during the rebellions and by 1479 DR only a handful of the traps and guardians remained in working order.

Once inside the vault itself there were no traps or guardians. Twenty feet by twenty feet, the vault contained a variety of items in 1479 DR including crates with packing straw containing porcelain tableware, porcelain vases and silver chandeliers. In addition there are paintings of rich merchants with the occasional adventurer while high quality tapestries mostly depicted hunting and naval scenes. Furthermore the vault included a beautifully decoated suit of magical armour that secretly bore the holy symbol of Tymora, skillfully hidden amidst the decorations of the armour. Finally the vault included a spellbook, beautifully decorated religious scriptures to Tymora, a detailed map of a Tymoran church with the text written in code to obscure the location of the church as well as the various deeds, shares and loans the Thanterim family owned in numerous companies.

In 1479 the ruins of the Thanterim mansion are haunted by skeletons and undead spirits.


Ways in which this could be used in campaigns set before 1479 DR:

  • What's the story behind that suit of armour? What adventures saw a Thanterim end up with the armour? Why did the holy symbol of Tymora have to be disguised and hidden in the decorations?

  • What's the deal with that map of the Tymoran church? Why is it's location kept secret? Was it ever built? Where is it located? What treasures might it hold to need to hide it's location? How did the Thanterims end up with it?

I hope people enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. This spotlight was from information contained in CORE1-1: Inheritance.

I like it, @JohnLynch. If I was ever to run a campaign in that part of FR I would definitely use this.

There's so much good stuff in the LFR adventures. It would be great if there was actually some enthusiasm for FR and/or 4E on these boards so a group could get to work extracting it all and putting it in a wiki.

Anyway, if you haven't already, may I suggest a read of the five Epic adventures published for LFR to date. There are a lot of great ideas in those. 
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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