Replacing spells per day for a mana pool?

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Has anyone played with the idea of having a mana pool instead of the spells per day concept? The example that I've come up with goes like this. Let's say your character would normally be able to cast three level 1 spells, two level 2 spells, and one level 3 spell. You would calculate a weighted sum so 3x1 + 2x2 + 1x3 = 10 which represents your mana pool that can be used as you please. This means in a day you can cast ten level 1s, five level 2s, three level 3s and one level 1, or any other combination as long as you have the mana to spend. Has anyone else considered/tried something like this?

I'm assuming this is 3rd edition or thereabouts.

There is a variant that uses the Psion power point progression for the other classes, it's pretty awesome.
I've considered doing something like this with 4th edition, because I'm highly dissatisfied with the magic system. But I don't think anyone else in my group feels that way, so I haven't bothered working up mechanics for it.
I've considered doing something like this with 4th edition, because I'm highly dissatisfied with the magic system. But I don't think anyone else in my group feels that way, so I haven't bothered working up mechanics for it.

I've actually toyed around with the idea of converting other classes (and I mean all other classes) into using a system similar to the Psionic classes' Power Points.

I've not gotten around to it, either. Lack of time, lack of player interest, more pressing matters to attend to. But I still like the idea of doing a bit of reverse engineering.
Gunmage, a homebrew arcane striker. (Heroic Tier playtest ready.) GDocs link. (More up to date.)
The 3.5 Unearthed Arcana supplement had a system for this. Check that out if you're interested in it.

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I have actually implemented and used a very similar system.  here's how mine works:

based on ability score (INT, WIS or CHA depending on class) the number of bonus spells you get would be your base mana pool so a wizard with an 18 INT would normally get one 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd, and one 4th level spell at the appropriate level - his base mana pool would be 1+2+3+4 or 10 mana. 

Now at 1st level that wizard normally gets to cast one 1st level spell per day that one 1st level spell would add 1 mana for a total of 11.  Additional mana is calculated based on the number of spell levels on the standard progression chart. 

- So at 2nd level the wizard normally casts 2-1st per day now has 12 mana,
- at 3rd level he would get 1-2nd level spell per day that would add 2 mana for a total of 14
- at 4th level he would normally get 3-1st and 2-2nd that would 3 mana to a total of 17
- etc

Each spell costs their spell level in mana so a 1st level spell costs 1 mana and a 2nd costs 2 mana, etc.

lastly, applying Meta-magic feats adds the amount of mana equal to the number of spell slots required.  So an empowered 1st level spell costs 3 mana to cast - empowered spell feat normally requires two spell slots higher to memorize.

Cleric's domain spells are treated with "domain mana" which is separate from normal mana and is calculated by the sum of the level of domain spell they have access to plus their WIS modifier.  So a 1st and 2nd level cleric with an 18 WIS has 5 domain mana, a 3rd and 4th level cleric has 7 domain mana (1 for 1st + 2 for 2nd + 4 WIS mod), a 5th and 6th level cleric has 10 domain mana, etc)



Are you really "entitled to your opinion"?
RedSiegfried wrote:
The cool thing is, you don't even NEED a reason to say yes.  Just stop looking for a reason to say no.

I have mixed this idea with the total annoyance of keeping track of surges and rest to solve them at once. At least 3 months doing this and it has turned out great.

Turn all healing surge into "heroic surge"

All non at-will powers use surges.
1 for class spc (like power strike or holy word) 2 for generic encounter powers, 3 for any daily. this applies to weapon and gear procs as well.

For now I am keeping to the use once per session rule but that may change. So players still can only use daily once. I don’t like it either but otherwise it would get out of hand.

Yes they are still all based off of Con with it.

This changes how the players create their toons and rethink feats. Healing changes as well since it cost the cleric a surge as well as the patient!
Sometimes odd rule stuff creeps up but they get handled on the fly easy enough.

And here is my favorite part...

All combat starts with fresh surge amounts (unless I am running some stressing skill challenge along with it)

No more “rest” of any kind, no more “I don’t know how many surges I have” or “how many hours game time did the last 3 weeks equal? Can we rest here?”  or random encounter tables just to bully players into not resting type crap

Yaaah nobody has to keep track of that stuff anymore.


The players love it. They have to think harder about what they use (spend that last surge for a big hit or keep it for a heal?) but they DO get the option of casting a daily or 2 every fight.


On a side note, at the end of the night I also ask who has surges left. Then dock them XP for every remaining surge.


It gives an incentive to the players to play with excitement and not just sit there casting magic missile all night.


This is a game meant to have fun with friends; I see nothing wrong with taking some of the complication out of it.


More detailed info on request.
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