The Dungeon Master Experience: Necessary Evil

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The Dungeon Master Experience 
Necessary Evil

By Chris Perkins

This regular column is for Dungeon Masters who like to build worlds and campaigns as much as I do. Here I share my experiences as a DM through the lens of Iomandra, my Dungeons & Dragons campaign world. Even though the campaign uses the 4th Edition rules, the topics covered here often transcend editions. Hopefully this series of articles will give you inspiration, ideas, and awesome new ways to menace your players in your home campaigns.

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Leap Year
The last publication in the 4e series will be Dungeon Master's Guide III - The Experience -- the compilation of all of these articles.

(Even if WotC does NOT do this, I will.)
Here are the PHB essentia, in my opinion:
  • Three Basic Rules (p 11)
  • Power Types and Usage (p 54)
  • Skills (p178-179)
  • Feats (p 192)
  • Rest and Recovery (p 263)
  • All of Chapter 9 [Combat] (p 264-295)
A player needs to read the sections for building his or her character -- race, class, powers, feats, equipment, etc. But those are PC-specific. The above list is for everyone, regardless of the race or class or build or concept they are playing.
Seeker95, yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have said this before, and I'll say it again: having read these articles, I wish with all of my heart that Chris Perkins and the folks at Wizards would take the Iomandra world (and some of its adventures, etc...) and publish them. He did a phenomenal job keeping me pining for these weekly articles' appearance. 

Loved the use of the NPCs to save Oleander and his important "guests". Well played! 
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