Duel Decks: Growth vs Atrophy

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Here is my ideas for Duel Decks: Growth vs. Atrophy
Blightsteel Colossus

Oona's Gatewarden :Ubm: x2
Reassembling Skeleton :Bm: x2
Archaeomancer :Um: x2
Necroskitter :Bm::Bm:
Stormbound Geist :Um::Um: x2
Murderous Redcap :Brm::Brm: x2
Gravelgill Axeshark :Ubm: x2
River Kelpie :Um::Um:

Torture :Bm:
Sinking Feeling :Um:
Domestication :Um::Um:
Leech Bonder :Um:
Biting Tether :Um:
Enslave :Bm::Bm:

Undying Evil :Bm: x2
Doom Blade :Bm:
Fate Transfer :Ubm: x2
Go for the Throat :Bm:
Familiar's Ruse :Um::Um:
Cancel :Um::Um:
Murder :Bm::Bm:
Counterlash :Um::Um:
Rewind :Um::Um:

Soulquake :Um::Um::Bm::Bm:
Rise from the Grave :Bm:

Dimir Aqueduct x4
Dreadship Reef x2
Island x9
Swamp x9
What we have here is a much more aggressively costed control deck that is going to try to outrace a slower aggro deck... Yeah, that's trying to happen right here.  The control deck is quick to be mean, but may run out of steam.  On the other hand, the aggro/midrange deck is slower, but has a lot more threats.
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Duel Decks are a cool. I made one a very long time ago. It was apart of a YouMaketheCard contest.

ArtVenn, you need to get hip to EssentialMagic. It's hard to get a grasp of text decks like that.

For example,

Rakdos Vs. Boros

I wasn't even around when Ravinca was released. I left the game at the release of Mirrodin. I kept up to date with the content though and decided to base my entry on it. The text is a lot neater in the EssentialMagic display and you can do a deck analysis to get a feel for how the cards flow. Pretty important for duel decks since they tend to be scatter as far as content goes. They're pretty hard tp grasp by just looking at them.


The problem: You hosed one deck with a card in the other. This can lead to imbalanced games. Knights v. Dragons has a ridiculous example. Hilarity ensues when the knight deck adds green for ramp, but the dragon deck's ramp is basically Seething Song.
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Would my planeswalker fit well with this deck?

Richard Tempest

Planeswalker - Tempest
+1) Search your library for a basic land card and place it onto the battlefield. Shuffle your library.
 -2) You gain 2 life for each permanent you control
-10) You get an emblem that says, "Lands you control are forests in addition to their other types and have : Add to your mana pool."

I think Garruk is a tad weak, especially is first version. We need a forest-spawning planeswalker for sure.

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You think Garruk's weak? Gaea's Cradle says otherwise. See also karoo lands.
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Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
---- Autocard is your friend. Lightning Bolt = Lightning Bolt
Twiddle is so broken. Just look at Tolarian Academy.

I think your decks are using a bit too many keywords, and the single Archbound Bruiser is incredibly random in a deck without any other artifact creatures.

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