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Kessig Cagebreakers seems pretty useless in your deck. You might consider something like Wolfir Silverheart or Silverblade Paladin. I like the idea of the deck ;)
I would consider cutting fencing ace and cagebreakers. You don't ave the neccesary graveyard shenanigans to abuse the cagebreakers, and doublestrike or not, you're putting a lot of faith in 2-mana 1/1s; they trade with bears and die to Geistflame and ilk, so I would cut it for Champion of the parish, or if you're on a budget, Doomed traveler. I would also go less heavy on the growths and maybe put in Cathars' crusade for beastmaster and champion.
Kessig Cagebreakers is a good creature in self-mill deck, but he's a little outta place here.  Don't cut Fencing Ace tho!  Instead add in Rancor for the potential turn 3 win!   
I put in all the growths to combo with wild defiance and wild beastmaster and if need be counter things like geistflame. I see your point with kessig cagebreakers and while I would love to replace them with wolfir silverheart, and fencing ace with silverblade paladin, im currently on a bit of a budget Frown so that will have to wait a bit. are there any other cheap cards the would work better than kessig cagebreakers and fencing ace?
why do you say doomed traveler over fencing ace?
Think if you want to protect your dudes from spells, Ranger's Guile is better than Titanic Growth.


I put in 3 garruk, primal hunter and prey upon and took out the giant growth. also added in some strangleroot geist. this in the new decklist.

4x wild beastmaster
4x strangleroot geist
3x avacyn's pilgrim
2x wolfir avenger
1x arbor elf

4x titanic growth
4x selesnya charm
4x travel preparations
4x prey upon
4x wild defiance
3x garruk, primal hunter
3x selesnya keyrune
2x hunger of the howlpack

10x forest
4x selesnya guildgate    
2x sunpetal grove
1x plains
1x grove of the guardian

I would have liked to put in some silverblade paladins but i opted for some midgame juicyness with garruk. if i get the opportunity i also want to swap out my plains and a forest for a couple more sunpetal groves.
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