Ability modifier to spells or not?

This may have been discussed already, but I couldn't find an answer after searching.

Does a spellcaster add his primary ability modifier to damage from spells which use attack rolls? Page 12 of the How to Play packet says yes, but I don't see this in the various sample characters.

Damage Rolls

Each weapon and spell indicates the damage it deals, such as 1d8 or 2d8. Roll the dice, add any modifiers (including the ability modifier you used to make the attack), and apply the damage to your target. Magic weapons, special abilities, and so forth can grant a bonus to your damage.

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no. you do not add ability modifer damage to spells or attacks unless it says so. the line from page twelve is an error.

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Has anyone form Wizards answered this question?  My group is divided on whether to add or not add modifier.  The sentence mentioned above is in multiple releases of the how to guide.  It is now mentioned on page 16.  It has not been clarified at all.  The sentence very clearly says to add the modifier but under wisdom and inteligence descriptions it is not mentioned to add like in strength and dexterity.

I would like an official answer if possible

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