my black/white deck feedback please

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12 plains
6 swamp
4 evolving wilds
2 vault of archangel
2 haunted fengraf

2 lifelink
2 oblivion ring
2 pacifism
2 cathar's crusade
2 increasing devotion
3 gather the townsfolk
2 altar's reap
2 burden of guilt
2 lingering souls
1 righteous blow
2 disentomb
1 urgent exorcism

3 bladed bracers
1 avacyn's collar
2 moonsilver spear

3 demonlord of ashmouth
3 doomed traveler
2 mikaeus, the lunarch
2 angelic overseer
2 skirsdag high priest
3 attended knight
2 champion of parish
1 emancipation angel

comments and any helpful feedback much appreciated! (just started playing about 2 months ago) Smile

Very good for someone who just started playing two months ago. There's synergy, the curve is good, you have different lines of approach. I think you can make it more consistent though.

This only uses cards you already had and cheap commons and uncommons that are in recent sets. Isolated Chapel would be great for your deck, but it's expensive. Bitterblossom and Cabal Therapy would also be fantastic, but they are expensive cards from an older sets. If you don't mind branching out into older sets though then I highly recommend getting some Caves of Koilos, Orzhov Basilica, or both. Other old cards that would be good in your deck are Carrion Feeder, Squadron Hawk, Bonesplitter, and Bone Splinters. Also there are some interesting token generators coming out in Return to Ravnica that you should check out.

i agree with sleeping he knows what hes talking about
hey guys thanks for your input, i will look into this set-up asap as i have most of those cards available to me now and am always certaintly looking to improve my deck! Thanks again very helpful!
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