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Hey I wanted to make a Myr Modern deck and wanted some ideas about the infinite combos that you an do with Myr's to make tokens and/or land.
x2 Myr galvanizer + x2 of any other Tap for mana Myr the galvanizers bounce each other for 1 colorless so it looks like a cheap broken infinite mana loop for consume spirit, fireball, etc... sorta like freed from the real + wirewood channeler or staff of dom., etc...
Are there any standard creature search so if I don't have the Galvinizers in hand I gran search for them?
You mean modern right? If so then yeah....Fabricate would allow you to grab them along side chord of calling, commune with nature, diabolic tutor. The block will rotate out of standard soon so making a standard deck from that set would be a waste of time
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