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Hi All,

So I'm a complete newbie at Magic. My friend and I started collecting recently as something else to do besides play video games and stare at glowing screens. I only have cards from the recent block M13, Innistrad, Avacyn, Dark Ascension.

Anyway, I got a Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and I've been trying to come up with a feasible deck to use him in.

This may be way too general of a question, but how do you build a deck around this guy? I'm assuming you use gem of becoming, and maybe artifact creatures? Is there any way to get him out before turn 8?
You'll have to use the scarce mana ramp, that exists in Bolas colors within these sets in order to get him out earlier. Those colors are usually not known for speeding up your mana, at least in recent times. Some options: Warden of the Wall, Vessel of Endless Rest, Deranged Assistant.

The entire deck is going to be controllish, because an aggressive deck usually doesn't get to the point, where 8 mana spells can be cast. Well, if things go right. So you might want to hide behind some Fog Banks, Murder big opposing threats, Dissipate their game changing spells, and occassionally sweep the board with Mutilate. Things like that.

Since the key card is 3-colored, some color fixing is nessessary. Like the already mentioned Vessel of Endless Rest, Evolving Wilds or some dual lands.

You might also want to include sometutors or card draw to get the guy, when you're ready to cast him.

My second community draft, with the format being Zendikar/Worldwake/Rise of the Eldrazi, is now facing the Rise of the Eldrazi. If you like to draft, maybe check it out. We'd like to hear your thoughts on the picks.

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My community draft experiment with DTK/DTK/FRF is concluded now. If you want to, you can check it out and maybe build some decks from the pools. I've already build my own take on that.


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I threw him  in a multi-colored Myr deck that I use in casual games.

The Deck uses
Palladium Myr
Myr Galvanizer
Alloy Myr
to generate mana of all colors, and potentially get an infiniate mana combo.

since the deck isn't built around him, I expect to get him out very rarely, but it does work!

Hope that helps
Actually, white is the worst at mana ramp. It's primary in green in NWO (as always), secondary in blue and red, tertiary in black. Blue has to get colorless mana, and red has to lose card advantage or loyalty or some planeswalkers just don't give a... Black mostly gets mana fixers to black, but black can tutor lands, so long as they go to your hand. Green has no rules for ramp other than "no way in hell will we reprint Channel".

Here's what you can use

*Liliana of the Dark Realms
*Artifact mana
*Koth of the Hammer
*Lots of card draw to get the lands. Luckily, duals are easy to come by. Take your pick: Darkslick Shores and Blackcleave Cliffs; or Sulfur Falls, Drowned Catacomb, and Dragonskull Summit.
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I play Big Nic in a casual mono-blue combo deck occasionally, get him in play by turn 4 or 5.

12 filter like Preordain, Ponder, Brainstrom.
4 to 8 counter like Spell Pierce, Counterspell etc.
Basic Islands plus some Saprazzan Skerry (about 20 land total)
..... and then the combo part.
Dream Halls and Conflux with a single of whatever else you wanna use to win.
Typically targets are Omniscience, Cruel Ultimatum, and Wheel of sun and Moon to keep finding and using Conflux repeatedly.
You can really abuse this combo.
Í've been rotating between quite a few targets for Conflux, as this deck allows you to use any planeswalker, and any win-con that can be fetched with Conflux.   It's not just win all the time though, as your opponents can also use Dream Halls, but only you can use Omniscience - so it's quite fun in MP if you build the deck with win-cons that are more sport and not just crushing win.
I have a nicol bolas/zombie deck. Now this deck is for casual games but it has been quite effective. Now with the addition of the newer zombies from innistrad block I am planning on rebuilding this deck. You can find timeshifted (i think) nicol bolas (creature not planeswalker) for less than a dollar each and they are fun to put into this deck also. I forget how the legend rule works with creatures turned planeswalkers I think you can have one of each on the table. But also most of the lilianna's are mandatory for a zombie deck. Also this deck is currently 100+ cards as it was specifically made to play with 4+ players in long drawn out slug matches as they can be quite fun. Most of my other decks are made for one on one destroy in less than 6-7 turns.
You can feasibly make a monogreen ramp deck for Bolas. Just get all the ramp you can find and throw in the Gem of Becomings. Should work reasonably well.
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